Khronos: Who knows what the future will hold?

“WorkSpace” by Gamma-Ray Productions is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0   From the organization that stabilized the API wars in 2000 and empowered the extraordinary growth of the smartphone market comes a vision of the future. Khronos has grown to over 180 members in one of the most extraordinary non-profit organizations for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, parallel programming, … Read more

Khronos Group expands glTF

The ongoing evolution of glTF has turned into one of the major efforts of the Khronos Group and it has heightened awareness of Khronos. If you don’t know, Khronos is an open consortium of interested parties who cooperate on the establishment of advanced interoperability standards. Much of their work revolves around 3D and visualization. Most recently, they have released a … Read more

Khronos 3D Viewer Program

Khronos announced their 3D Commerce Viewer Certification Program. 3D viewers are software engines that enable users to display and interact with 3D models. Viewers are used by retailers, social media sites, and brands to create experiences on e-commerce storefronts, search engines, ad platforms, and in native applications.   Khronos says their Viewer Certification Program enables 3D viewers across the industry … Read more

Vulkan has a new home—and look

The new site has a whole page dedicated to Vulkan tools and support, giving developers access to SDKs, profilers, debuggers, libraries, language bindings, game engines, and frameworks

Khronos and EMVA unite over open camera and sensor API exploration

Khronos and the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), the European industry association for vision technology, announced the formation of an Embedded Camera API Exploratory Group. The group is open to all at no cost for exploring industry interest in the creation of open royalty-free API standards for controlling embedded cameras and sensors. Khronos says there are multiple vectors impinging on … Read more

The rays of Khronos reach everywhere

(Source: Stack overflow)   In 2018, before there were pandemics, vicious nation-splitting election campaigns, and the biggest GPU ever, a small group of ray-loving engineers got together to save the world. In early 2018, the Vulkan Working Group formed the Vulkan Ray Tracing Task Subgroup (TSG in Khronos kode). Its goal was to enable a focused design effort. Since then, the … Read more

Khronos gets vectorized, introduces OpenVG Lite

Before there were raster-scan TV-like screens on computers, we had vectorscopes, also known as stroke writers and calligraphic screens. They drew straight lines, one at a time, and were used for early warning systems, FAA monitoring, and CAD back in the 1960s and up till about 1990. A near cousin was the first oscilloscopes, and one of the most popular … Read more