Intel brings a bonanza to ISSCC 2022

The 69th International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), sponsored by IEEE and Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS), took place virtually from February 20 to February 28, 2022. The ISSCC is, and has been, the leading global forum for the presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and devices, and is geared to integrated circuit design engineers, academicians, students, and architects. It used to … Read more

Khronos: Who knows what the future will hold?

“WorkSpace” by Gamma-Ray Productions is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0   From the organization that stabilized the API wars in 2000 and empowered the extraordinary growth of the smartphone market comes a vision of the future. Khronos has grown to over 180 members in one of the most extraordinary non-profit organizations for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, parallel programming, … Read more

Khronos Group expands glTF

The ongoing evolution of glTF has turned into one of the major efforts of the Khronos Group and it has heightened awareness of Khronos. If you don’t know, Khronos is an open consortium of interested parties who cooperate on the establishment of advanced interoperability standards. Much of their work revolves around 3D and visualization. Most recently, they have released a … Read more

AMD Q2 2021 results

AMD announced revenue of $3.85 billion for the second quarter of 2021, operating income of $924 million, net income of $710 million. “Our business performed exceptionally well in the second quarter as revenue and operating margin doubled and profitability more than tripled year-over-year,” said AMD president and CEO Lisa Su. “We are growing significantly faster than the market with strong … Read more

Intel Q1 2021 results

First-quarter revenue exceeded Intel’s January guidance by $1.1 billion, said the company, led by continued strong PC demand. PC unit volumes were up 38% YoY, and notebook volumes set a new Intel record. The company also saw an initial recovery of Enterprise and Government sales in the Data Center Group (DCG). Intel also achieved better-than-expected revenue in their Internet of Things … Read more

Khronos compresses texture maps for everyone

Over the years of computer graphics, stretching back to Ed Catmull’s pioneering 1974 paper that introduced the concept of subdivision, wrapping, and unwrapping, the CG industry has been trying to find ways to make texture mapping faster and more efficient because it is such a powerful tool. It led to Jim Blinn’s famous 1978 paper on bump-mapping and other developments. … Read more

Intel’s dGPU adventures—Xe

In his own inimitable way, Intel’s Raja Koduri lit up the web this week with his Twitter reveal of a full die shot of the 2-tile, 7-nm Intel Xe HPC GPU. The giant package has 16 clusters with 128 EUs, 1024 EUs total, and 8192 cores. It is alleged to be based on the Intel Graphics 12.5 architecture (revealed in … Read more

Is Nvidia about to change forever?

Nvidia may have started out serving the gaming community with a graphics chip, but the company has always been more than a gaming company. Nvidia is a computer company with strong interests in gaming, but its future is computing. CPU computing, GPU computing, and network computing. Maybe Nvidia should make a change to its name to reflect its broad interests. How about Nvidia Computer, or Nvidia Computing.

Yamaha’s YGY611—a pioneer 3D chips

Yamaha was a developer of video display controllers or processors (VDP) in the late 1980s. The company made IBM compatible CGA display controllers such as the YGY603. The company also made the video display processor (VDP) for the Sega Genesis video game console, and the VDP for TI’s popular TI-99 calculator. Yamaha was, of course, best known for its audio … Read more