Intel’s dGPU adventures—Xe

In his own inimitable way, Intel’s Raja Koduri lit up the web this week with his Twitter reveal of a full die shot of the 2-tile, 7-nm Intel Xe HPC GPU. The giant package has 16 clusters with 128 EUs, 1024 EUs total, and 8192 cores. It is alleged to be based on the Intel Graphics 12.5 architecture (revealed in … Read more

OEMs launch 100+ laptop designs with GeForce GPUs

(Source: Asus)   Nvidia, Intel, and over 100 notebook OEMs introduce new, powerful, and affordable devices just in time to support the work-at-home mandates of the COVID-19 crisis. Intel announced the long-anticipated 10th gen H Core i7 mobile CPU with improved power management and 5G capability. Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX 2080 Super and 2070 Super GPUs for laptops. The … Read more

Asus squeezes 24 GB and a Quadro in a laptop

  Asus showed a lineup of Nvidia-powered notebooks at IFA. It was a clean sweep and something of a coup for Nvidia in that three of the five units had Quadro workstation GPUs in them, while the other two had consumer-grade RTX GPUs. Based on the Nvidia ACE design, and keying off of Nvidia’s Studio branding, Asus added ProArt and … Read more

Innovative laptops shown at Computex

In addition to the HP leather accented launch reported earlier, some of the other notebooks introduced at Computex were equally interesting. Some of them were concept devices and may never be commercially available, but the ideas are inspiring nonetheless. The many faces of dual screen notebooks The added weight, cost, and power drain of a large second screen might make … Read more

Qualcomm and Microsoft announce the latest entrant in the PC wars: the Connected PC

It was a couple of years ago that Qualcomm and Microsoft threatened the status quo with the Always Connected PC, a true PC running Windows 10 on an Arm-based mobile phone processor with enough battery life to run for more than one day, and mobile wireless connectivity to always be connected to the Internet. Today, in Hawaii no less, Qualcomm … Read more