Apple’s footprint

As you’ve heard by now, maybe a hundred times, Apple has a new multi-chip SoC called M1 Ultra. They also have a new workstation, a new set of smartphones, and more stuff in the Apple tube-o’-plenty of consumer products. How did a struggling PC vendor with a small MP3 player get to have such a reach? They did it with … Read more

Apple’s M1 Ultra (2022)

In March 2022, at its annual new products conference, Apple announced a new version of the M1—the M1 Ultra, a dual-die chiplet device that introduced Apple’s UltraFusion interconnect technology. Apple’s UltraFusion packaging architecture connects two M1 Max die to create the M1 Ultra. (Source: Apple)   Apple’s UltraFusion used a silicon interposer to connect the chips across more than 10,000 … Read more

Apple rolls out the chips—M1 Pro and Max

Apple knows how to make transitions. The company proved it by transitioning away from the PowerPC platform to Apple and now they’re showing the same discipline as they move away from Intel and on to their own Arm-based family of chips. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says the company is a year into a two-year transition that started with the … Read more

WWDC 21: Apple announces Object Capture API for creating AR experiences

At WWDC 21, Apple previewed its new Monterey version of MacOS macOS 12. On the AR front, Apple has added new APIs to RealityKit 2, the latest version of Apple’s rendering, animation, audio, and physics engine for AR. Apple says developers can create more realistic and complex AR experiences with greater visual, audio, and animation control, including custom, render passes … Read more

The holidays are coming … big deal

The steady arrivals of new processor cores and new products built around them can only mean one thing…the holidays are coming! While all the little children wait for turkey, pumpkins, pie, treats, lights, parties, and on and on, the people in the tech industry have their own elves—Jensen, Lisa, Tim, Bob. Jon Peddie does his best, to sum up, what … Read more

Apple reveals its new Macs and its PC SoC

(Source: Apple)   The heart of Apple’s three new PC, Air, Mac Pro, and Mini is Apple’s new SoC, the M1, announced on the 10th of November 2020. Apple has built SoCs for its smartphones and MP3 players for almost two decades, so this is not a new adventure for the company. The M1 differs from the iPhone’s A13 Bionic … Read more

CorelDraw 2020 expands its base through collaboration, mobile tools, and Mac users

CorelDraw has been steadily improving and growing its own distinct user base, gaining strength from its solid footing in the Windows world and its availability with a perpetual license. It goes without saying that CorelDraw is all the more attractive to some users because of the wealth of tools in the box. In addition to the CorelDraw design tool, which … Read more