CorelDraw 2020 expands its base through collaboration, mobile tools, and Mac users

CorelDraw has been steadily improving and growing its own distinct user base, gaining strength from its solid footing in the Windows world and its availability with a perpetual license. It goes without saying that CorelDraw is all the more attractive to some users because of the wealth of tools in the box. In addition to the CorelDraw design tool, which … Read more

You are not a number

The stars come out for Apple and for themselves. Apple’s new services promise new outlets for artists. Oprah’s presence was enough to bring a tear to Tim’s eye. (Source: Apple keynote).   Apple’s keynote unveiling new subscription services started off with the usual pep-rally atmosphere. It should be embarrassing, but that just doesn’t seem to happen to these people. There … Read more

CorelDraw 2019 goes multi-platform

Turning 30 is a time to reassess, to think about the future and maybe have a little bit too much to drink because you’re disappointed in your life so far. That’s for humans. When software turns 30 the response can be mixed but the celebration is almost always in order. It’s hard to survive for 30 years in the digital … Read more

Old companies performing like new companies — how curious

  After reading and reporting on the financial results of AMD and Intel, and reading Nvidia’s cautionary letter to its shareholders, I have been struck by the resiliency and dynamism of these companies. AMD and Intel are in their fifties, and Nvidia is 25. That may not be as old as say General Electric, Konica, or Bayer but those staid … Read more

Autodesk improves customer access to SketchBook

Is it good news or bad news that Autodesk has made SketchBook free and easy for all users? SketchBook started a revolution for Autodesk. It came out of the company’s industrial design portfolio that came with its acquisition of Alias back in ancient times … before tablets and before touch screens. Designers used it as a very high-end napkin. They … Read more

Apple gradually wins back professionals with Final Cut Pro X

Apple has never worried its very pretty head about stuff like backward compatibility. The company has abandoned software, eliminated headphone ports, changed charging ports multiple times, disappeared drives, and tells users to keep up with the times. And you know what? It doesn’t seem to have hurt the company at all.  The latest version of Final Cut Pro, which came … Read more

Getting Grounded; Vuforia Introduces Ground Plane Detection

With its release of its latest AR platform last fall, Vuforia announced the addition of object recognition and ground plane detection, along with support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.  Until relatively recently, targets have provided a stable, if not totally satisfactory base for AR objects to stick to (for lack of a better word this minute). They’re not totally … Read more

Valve’s Steam Link feeds games to mobile devices and Apple TV

Play PC game library on Android and iOS devices  Steam was initially established to provide a means to distribute PC games via downloading over the internet. Valve extended their service in 2015 with Steam Link, which is like Apple TV, Roku, and Shield—a little box that connects to one’s home network (to access the internet), and streams content from Value’s … Read more