Artificial Intelligence

AI: Turning silicon vendors into coders

Intel updated analysts on its plans to attain artificial intelligence (AI) product leadership this week. Refreshingly, the answer is quite simple, but like all things simple, the path to achievement may be a lot more complicated. It’s worth noting that AI is a monolithic term that encompasses a variety of computing modalities, all of which, thankfully for silicon vendors like … Read more

Nvidia jazzed over new research

Nvidia Research is striking a chord with its work on an inverse rendering pipeline. (Source: Nvidia)   Nvidia is certainly getting into the swing of things at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in New Orleans this week. At the conference, Nvidia Research is presenting a paper on what it calls 3D MoMa, an inverse rendering pipeline that … Read more introduces Look Designer 2 with support for realtime game engines

Color Intelligence is the brainchild of Dado Valentic, a veteran color scientist who has worked in the movie industry across the transition from film to digital. He established the MyTherapy studio as an imaging resource for the industry. He founded Color Intelligence in 2018 with Mark L. Pederson and Steve Bayes. The company had seed funding from Hedge, an investment … Read more

Nvidia’s Q1 FY22 results

  Nvidia, the company that makes the most sought-after GPUs, reported an 84% increase in sales last quarter.  The company reported record revenue for the first quarter ended May 2, 2021, of $5.66 billion, up 84 percent from a year earlier and up 13 percent from the previous quarter, with record revenue from the company’s Gaming, Data Center and Professional Visualization … Read more

Pushing processors to the limit: Siemens NX incorporates new design paradigms

Siemens has achieved some milestones with their latest release of NX. The company has gone to a continuous release in which changes are rolled out regularly. The company expects a cadence of every 6 months or so. The company is taking more advantage of AI/ML with every release and says it has further defined its interpretation of the model-based definition. … Read more