Autodesk announces Flow for M&E

Autodesk’s Flow, an industrial cloud Autodesk is developing for M&E. (Source: Autodesk)   Some may look at the annual Autodesk University as a conference for AEC, architecture, and manufacturing. And it is. But, there’s also a focus on the company’s “other” business: media and entertainment. Here, Autodesk announced Flow, a new industry cloud for M&E that will connect user workflows, … Read more

Autodesk offers its toolset to a wider audience with Maya Creative

(Source: Autodesk and Gabriel Richaud) Used throughout many major film and game studios, Autodesk’s Maya is the software behind a plethora of stunning visuals in leading-edge projects. Since it was introduced in 1998, Maya has continued to offer a growing list of new features and functions that serve artists well in just about every aspect of their content creation. But, … Read more

Autodesk takes aim at the factory

Once upon a time, the way the world worked in manufacture seemed pretty clear: the big engines of China and nearby smaller countries pumped out low-cost products. Consumers in the west bought whole bunches of the low-cost products and then sent them back to Asia to recycle. It was efficient, if not particularly equitable, or sustainable. Meanwhile, software vendors in … Read more

Autodesk buys Tangent in a push for cloud-based workflows

Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division is rebuilding itself within the Autodesk enterprise. The company has always wanted its DCC division with its enormous wealth of creative tools to be able to serve the entire company as well as be a major force in professional entertainment content creation. We’re seeing those first steps.   Things change quickly these days. At Autodesk’s … Read more