Autodesk announces Flow for M&E

Autodesk’s Flow, an industrial cloud Autodesk is developing for M&E. (Source: Autodesk)   Some may look at the annual Autodesk University as a conference for AEC, architecture, and manufacturing. And it is. But, there’s also a focus on the company’s “other” business: media and entertainment. Here, Autodesk announced Flow, a new industry cloud for M&E that will connect user workflows, … Read more

PTC’s new Onshape–Arena Connection will link product teams through the cloud

Connecting Onshape and Arena means more collaboration and less catch-up. (Source: PTC) PTC recently announced the Onshape–Arena Connection, connecting their two products using the cloud. This new feature will streamline the process of making new products, and everybody who needs it will have immediate access to new information. This change will reduce costs of human error and scheduling impacts at … Read more

The future of 3D: Metaverse

There is no metaverse—there will never be a metaverse. There are dozens of metaverses and soon probably hundreds. Which view you hold depends on the definition of what a metaverse is, and we repeat: There is no definition—there are several definitions. Where everyone and everything can interact seamlessly across physical and virtual worlds. The concept of a metaverse is developing, … Read more

Scott Reese says good-bye to Autodesk

After 19 years at Autodesk, Scott Reese, executive vice president in charge of product development and manufacturing solutions, left the company last month to assume the position of CEO at GE Digital.  At Autodesk, Reese focused on next-generation products and high-growth business initiatives across various industries, managing the development of cloud products geared to the manufacturing and AEC industries. To … Read more

Shaper updates round out modeling front end

Shapr3D as added new features for documentation, lofting, text, and Windows support. (Source: Shapr3D)   Shapr3D, an ambitious company based in Budapest, Hungary, and founded in 2015 by István Csanády. The company and its 3D modeling tool have ground rapidly, relentlessly adding on features to enable their product to compete head-to-head with the established leaders who have been rapidly iterating … Read more

Ashlar-Vellum releases new Lithium downloads for Mac and Windows

It starts with a sketch. Ashlar-Vellum, one of the pioneers in industrial design software tools, has introduced Lithium, their new sketch app, which comes at an opportune time for Mac designers. (Source: stock image)   Austin-based Ashlar-Vellum is the inheritor of a long tradition of industrial design tools and the company has continued to provide tools for drafting, CAD, and … Read more

Graphisoft Building Together 2021 is a week away

The AEC industry has become more resilient, flexible, and dynamic over the past five years than seemed possible in the decade before. The pandemic has had a lot to do with it, but even before, the digitalization of processes has transformed processes. The changes have been especially profound in construction. Every major company selling software tools for the AEC industry … Read more

PTC’s third quarter beats expectations

There were no real surprises in PTC’s third-quarter announcement and no balls were knocked out of no parks but the company demonstrates the value of fast reflexes and strategic moves as well as the established position of its Core products in the market. PTC president and CEO James Heppelmann said, “our performance in the third quarter and year to date … Read more