Autodesk announces Flow for M&E

Autodesk’s Flow, an industrial cloud Autodesk is developing for M&E. (Source: Autodesk)   Some may look at the annual Autodesk University as a conference for AEC, architecture, and manufacturing. And it is. But, there’s also a focus on the company’s “other” business: media and entertainment. Here, Autodesk announced Flow, a new industry cloud for M&E that will connect user workflows, … Read more

Dassault announces year end results for 2021

As this is being written, Dassault is spelling out its plans for the future during 3DExperience World 2022. The company says it is poised for a new period of growth as it aligns its major product lines including Industrial Innovation (such as Catia and Enovia), Mainstream Innovation (Solidworks and Centric), and Life Sciences (Medidata and Biovia). Dassault has had its … Read more

New expansion moves by game engine duopoly

There is plenty of room to argue how Unity and Unreal compete with each other and the discussion is pretty interesting. Unity grew with the help of independent developers working in mobile and that's a strong part of the company's identity but the company has increased its capabilities to compete head to head with Unreal, which has a financial share of … Read more

Sketchbook Inc. arrives!

The technology in Sketchbook began life as a part of the high-end industrial design toolset developed by Alias, which was founded in 1983. Alias is the font of some of the most widely used digital content creation software in use today including Maya and Alias Studio, both of which are now part of Autodesk after the long-ago acquisition of Alias–Wavefront … Read more

Bentley Systems’ announces first quarter revenues

Bentley Systems announced its revenue for its first quarter of 2021 which ended on March 31. In his opening remarks during his call to investors, CEO Greg Bentley warned them not to make generalizations about Bentley’s seasonality with such a small amount of data, especially when some of that data has been affected by very unusual circumstances.  As Bentley’s competitors … Read more

Autodesk closes out a successful fiscal 2021 widens its ambitions

Autodesk says it has made good progress toward digitizing AEC, advancing its design and manufacture workflow, and pushing into the Enterprise. One of Autodesk’s key fundraising strategies is to convert “non-compliant users” into paying customers and to upgrade all subscribers to user-identified subscriptions. Autodesk says this program has been a big success, and also, they’ve raised their full-year subscription revenues … Read more

PTC’s financial report for Q1 2021 is a cause for optimism

PTC was one of the busiest companies in the design and engineering segment through 2020, and that’s saying something after a year of shutdown and buildup. CEO Jim Heppelmann said, “Fiscal 2021 is off to a great start” and that’s a pretty good way to describe double-digit growth, strong cash flow, new customers, and new growth in partnerships with Microsoft, … Read more

Expanding the universe for Unity Reflect and models

In 2017, Autodesk announced plans to collaborate with Unity to create a link between Unity and Revit’s BIM models.  The first result of that collaboration was Unity Reflect, which started shipping in November 2019. Unity Reflect creates a link between Revit and Unity enabling the creation of 3D visualizations of Revit projects in Unity Reflect. Users could define what information … Read more