Dassault Systèmes continues an acquisition spree

Diota’s hardware devices for Industry 4.0 are going to be incorporated into Dassault’s 3DExperience platform. (Source: Diota) Dassault Systèmes has acquired Diota, a company that develops manufacturing solutions in the digital market. This marks the most recent merger for Dassault Systèmes, which has been on a spree acquiring new companies in the last decade. Other acquisitions include Simpoe SAS, Accelrys, … Read more

Dassault announces year end results for 2021

As this is being written, Dassault is spelling out its plans for the future during 3DExperience World 2022. The company says it is poised for a new period of growth as it aligns its major product lines including Industrial Innovation (such as Catia and Enovia), Mainstream Innovation (Solidworks and Centric), and Life Sciences (Medidata and Biovia). Dassault has had its … Read more

Dassault shows of its digital health tools at CES

Dassault is not exactly a common brand in the halls of CES though the giant company has always put effort into establishing its brand throughout the world. Aficionados of the company will remember their wonderful, totally crazy, expensive TV ads about solving drought problems by rounding up a stray iceberg from the ocean and helicoptering it over to the desert, … Read more

Dassault Systèmes Reports 2021 First Quarter Results

Dassault Systèmes has reported its first quarter of 2021 and, said they’ve exceeded its guidance and are looking forward to the future. During the quarter, the company made gains on their goals for 2025, as laid out at their Capital Market Day last November 2020.  Dassault CEO Bernard Charlès described the company’s first-quarter as “a very solid start on 2021.” … Read more

PTC says 2021 is going to be just great

PTC notched a successful 2020, and the first half of its fiscal year 2021 is off the charts, and PTC execs are saying they’re right where they want to be. The company’s performance at the start of the year, underscores the trends analysts are using to predict a very positive 2021 and 2022 post-pandemic.  Taking off: revenues in the company’s … Read more

Dassault comes out of 2020 stronger than ever

Dassault is enjoying the benefits of its diversification strategy and its unbounded optimism. The company has had complete faith in its decades-long vision of a cloud-based integrated set of tools that reach all the way down to the consumer and up to corporate leaders and government agencies. They’re a long way towards realizing that vision, but the world is coming … Read more

Lightmap introduces the Xenon Drop 2 update for HDR Light Studio

The HDR Light Studio interface offers multiple controls for adding, adjusting, and finetuning a variety of lights in a scene. (Source: Lightmap) Rendering is one thing, but lighting can be another. Lightmap, based in Nottingham, England has been helping artists, engineers, and designers fine-tune their lighting since 2009. The company’s product HDR Light Studio works with the leading 3D modeling … Read more

Dassault Systèmes reports third quarter 2020

Dassault’s financial has been able to raise its revenues in a tough time, but only because it bought Medidata, specifically a life sciences company involved in drug testing right before the onset of a global pandemic. Total revenue was up 13%, thanks to that acquisition. Dassault’s total software revenue was up 17%. The services segment for Dassault has been hard … Read more

Dassault announces Q4 results and plans for the future

It’s been a busy month for Dassault, a notoriously busy company to begin with. The company announced its fourth quarter and year-end results for 2019; kicked off its first 3DExperience World conference, which the company has introduced to replace its very popular Solidworks World conference.  Dassault’s results for the end of 2019 show income from the Medidata acquisition, but there … Read more

SolidWorks 2020 continues weaving links to Dassault’s 3DExperience platform

What a company says about its strategy and its attitude towards its customers is always important. SolidWorks says every new release is built around customer requests. With the release of SolidWorks 2020, the company’s PR says, it has dealt with “thousands of enhancement requests.” But, just as important, this new release is also “seamlessly connecting” to the 3DExperience platform meaning … Read more

Dassault announces plan to acquire Medidata for a heart stopping $5.8 billion deal

Dassault Systemes may have started as a CAD/PLM company, but it is morphing into something else entirely. The company has announced plans to buy Medidata, a health care company that provides a cloud-based platform to for clinical trials. In order to manage the deal, Dassault will put together a cash package of approximately $5.8 billion in order to pay $92.25 … Read more