Graebert updates its Ares line of products

Graebert introduced its latest CAD engine at the end of 2018 and new products based on it are rolling out now in 2019. The highlights of the new version include the company's Trinity strategy to make mobile and cloud versions available to users as well.    Graebert sells its own products as Ares Commander and it offers its APIs to … Read more

SolidWorks shakes up the status quo at SWW19

Dassault is reeling its SolidWorks community in a little closer. At SolidWorks World, the company unveiled new products for SolidWorks based on the 3DExperience Platform, Dassault’s environment for its enterprise products. This is an ongoing goal for Dassault, which hopes to build a stronger company by integrating all of its many moving parts.  At the end of 2018, Dassault acquired … Read more

Software 2019; an expanding market

The software market is vibrant, growing, and changing. As always hardware is an engine for accelerating the capabilities of software, but technology advances and new ideas about digitalization are providing new opportunities for software. Huge opportunities. One of the most notable examples in engineering and design is the drive to link software information to real-world processes. In the digital content … Read more

Dassault wants to be everything to its customers

Dassault introduced the 3DExperience Marketplace in February 2018 as an online resource for products and services. On introduction Dassault said Marketplace offers access to 50 digital manufacturers with 500 machines and 30 million components from 600 suppliers. Giving designers access to on-demand manufacturing and part sourcing. The marketplace is centralized through Dassault which manages the process of billing, payments, currency … Read more

No Magic acquisition

In June,  Dassault announced the acquisition of No Magic, a company specializing in model-based systems engineering (MBSE). No Magic will become part of the Catia family of applications. No Magic’s tools are cloud based, and, as the name suggests, direct, logical, and easy to use, but it’s also a true MBSE tool in that it attempts to enable all methods … Read more