PTC’s new Onshape–Arena Connection will link product teams through the cloud

Connecting Onshape and Arena means more collaboration and less catch-up. (Source: PTC) PTC recently announced the Onshape–Arena Connection, connecting their two products using the cloud. This new feature will streamline the process of making new products, and everybody who needs it will have immediate access to new information. This change will reduce costs of human error and scheduling impacts at … Read more

Siemens kicks off its future with XaaS

Xcelerator heads to the clouds. (Source: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company)   Big news on the big industry front: Xcelerator from Siemens Industry Solutions is going to the cloud. Why? Because it makes a really great acronym: XaaS. And, more to the point, the cloud has always been Xcelerator’s logical destiny. Siemens says: “Xcelerator is an integrated portfolio of engineering software, … Read more

Dassault Systèmes reports third quarter 2020

Dassault’s financial has been able to raise its revenues in a tough time, but only because it bought Medidata, specifically a life sciences company involved in drug testing right before the onset of a global pandemic. Total revenue was up 13%, thanks to that acquisition. Dassault’s total software revenue was up 17%. The services segment for Dassault has been hard … Read more

PTC and Rockwell Automation expand their strategic alliance

PTC and Rockwell Automation signed a strategic alliance in 2018 to jointly sell their products for PLM, SaaS, factory automation, IoT, virtual machinery simulation, and testing software. At that time, the deal was sealed with a $1 billion equity investment in PTC shares and a seat on the board for Rockwell CEO Blake Moret. As a result of the deal, … Read more

Dassault Systèmes has very good second quarter

Dassault’s diversity continues to serve the company well. Like all companies, Dassault is seeing some of its segments suffer as the Coronavirus shuts down businesses and production. The company’s traditional business in PLM is hitting rough road, but the company has moved well beyond its traditional business with significant investments in simulation, data management, supply chain management, and most significantly, … Read more

Siemens builds on its digital platform

Last year, Siemens's design and manufacture sub-company that was known as Siemens PLM signaled a major turning point in its ongoing transformation within the larger Siemens megacompany. It changed its name to Siemens Digital Industries Software, which at least freed the company from the albatross of the unpopular term PLM and also integrated the group tighter into Siemens as a … Read more

PTC hits rough road

PTC has been very optimistic about its transition to subscription and its concurrent development of new business. Unfortunately for the third quarter of 2019, the company’s executive team had to do a lot of fairly excruciating explaining when the company’s sales failed to meet the company’s projections.    PTC doesn’t hold back on data. In fact, they have the opposite … Read more

Dassault announces plan to acquire Medidata for a heart stopping $5.8 billion deal

Dassault Systemes may have started as a CAD/PLM company, but it is morphing into something else entirely. The company has announced plans to buy Medidata, a health care company that provides a cloud-based platform to for clinical trials. In order to manage the deal, Dassault will put together a cash package of approximately $5.8 billion in order to pay $92.25 … Read more

SolidWorks shakes up the status quo at SWW19

Dassault is reeling its SolidWorks community in a little closer. At SolidWorks World, the company unveiled new products for SolidWorks based on the 3DExperience Platform, Dassault’s environment for its enterprise products. This is an ongoing goal for Dassault, which hopes to build a stronger company by integrating all of its many moving parts.  At the end of 2018, Dassault acquired … Read more

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2018

PLM Connection is a worldwide conference series for customers of Siemens PLM Software run by the PLM World user group.  I was at the Americas version in 108F-degree Phoenix, where 2,000 attended; weeks earlier, the event was in Russia (1,000 attendees) and China (5,000). Next year, the conference is changing hands as Siemens takes over, and the user group organization … Read more