Content Creation

The future of creativity

Source: Adobe How is creativity changing the world? To better answer that question, creative software vendor Adobe surveyed those in the forefront of online creativity: creators in the creator economy—the economy empowering people who are monetizing their content, goods, and services online by leveraging their own creativity, talents, and passions. The information and insights gleaned from that endeavor are now … Read more

Sketchbook Inc. arrives!

The technology in Sketchbook began life as a part of the high-end industrial design toolset developed by Alias, which was founded in 1983. Alias is the font of some of the most widely used digital content creation software in use today including Maya and Alias Studio, both of which are now part of Autodesk after the long-ago acquisition of Alias–Wavefront … Read more

USD gets major support from Autodesk and partners

This week, Autodesk announces its latest updates for Maya, 3ds Max, and MotionBuilder. In addition, Autodesk says it’s supporting USD, the Open Source format originally developed by Pixar with strong industry support from customers and software developers. Support for USD is more complex than it might seem at first, and that’s because its purpose is to enable disparate companies to … Read more

Stylistic vs. photorealistic

What’s best understood about ray tracing is that the technology produces physically accurate images, photorealistic depending upon the desires of the artist and producer. For example, BMW wants a perfectly accurate image that is photorealistic. However, Pixar wants a physically accurate image (for reflections, shadows, etc.) and they do not want it to be photorealistic, but stylistic.  The Dark Knight … Read more

Cubic Motion makes more than faces

Although Cubic Motion has stayed primarily in the background, leaving the spotlight to its partners, the company has defined performance capture for the gaming and movie industry since its founding in 2009. Recently, the company has demonstrated its prowess with character performances driven by a virtual Andy Serkis and Siren, a digital reinterpretation of a female character. The technology developed … Read more

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2018

PLM Connection is a worldwide conference series for customers of Siemens PLM Software run by the PLM World user group.  I was at the Americas version in 108F-degree Phoenix, where 2,000 attended; weeks earlier, the event was in Russia (1,000 attendees) and China (5,000). Next year, the conference is changing hands as Siemens takes over, and the user group organization … Read more