AU 2020: Autodesk’s search for the Unified Theory

If you can forget about the silence of the slot machines, Autodesk’s virtual AU perfectly captured the vibe of the real thing with all the good and all the not so good. All of the good includes a wealth of information including ideas and news about product updates as well as ideas from outside the box of Autodesk’s software applications … Read more

Another job lost to robots

Erica, a robot created by Japanese roboticists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa is going to be in a movie. The movie, b, is now in development and written by Special Effects Supervisor Eric Pham, actor Tarek Zohdy, and Sam Khoze, who is listed in IMDB as producer and robot enthusiast. An early incarnation of Erica at Osaka University in 2015. … Read more

Game engines power content creation

There was a time when game engines were built specifically for certain games and many companies believed the quality of their game engines defined the quality of their technologies. As the game industry has matured with thousands and thousands of games developed and played, and franchises established, the three leading commercial game engines, Unreal, Unity, and Crytek have become tested … Read more

Stylistic vs. photorealistic

What’s best understood about ray tracing is that the technology produces physically accurate images, photorealistic depending upon the desires of the artist and producer. For example, BMW wants a perfectly accurate image that is photorealistic. However, Pixar wants a physically accurate image (for reflections, shadows, etc.) and they do not want it to be photorealistic, but stylistic.  The Dark Knight … Read more

Sony Innovation Studios to offer tools for immersive storytelling and digital asset creation

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has partnered with Dell, Deloitte Digital, and Intel to launch Innovation Studios being built on its Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, CA. Innovation Studios is expected to be operational early this Fall. SPE is saying that Innovation Studios will be new state- of-the-art digital technology facility featuring R&D in areas like volumetric video and customizable … Read more