Avid promotes collaborative, distributed workflows at IBC

Avid CEO Jeff Rosica at IBC2022. (Source: IBC)   IBC2022 stands as a significant milestone in the history of digital content creation. It comes as the latest wave of Covid infections have subsided and as people worldwide are going back to work. During the last three years, people have turned to remote working, and cloud-based video editing tools are accepted … Read more

Do you use a stylus?

Five years ago, we wrote in TechWatch about the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI). It’s been as successful as we forecasted, and now the Universal Stylus Initiative just launched Version 2.0 of its active stylus specification. Google was one of the first adopters with its Chromebooks. Version 2.0 is the only open-standard, active stylus solution. The specification incorporates new features including: … Read more

VESA DP Ultra-high Bit Rate device certification program

VESA-certified DP40 and DP80 UHBR cables (pictured above) guarantee display connectivity and operation at the highest performance levels introduced with DisplayPort 2.0. Got DP 2.0 but aren’t feeling the bandwidth expected? It could be those cheap cables you bought. VESA is going to help you with that. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has announced its certification program for the … Read more

How to Test and Fix Chromatic Aberration on WMR VR Headsets

HP Reverb G2 (Version 2)   I’ve been running a video series called Neil’s Messy Basement with a strong focus on home entertainment and immersion.  I’m very enthusiastic about the latest generations of surround sound, big screen projection, gaming, and kicking back and enjoying the digital age. I’ve recently taken a renewed personal interest in virtual reality by testing the … Read more

Autodesk takes aim at the factory

Once upon a time, the way the world worked in manufacture seemed pretty clear: the big engines of China and nearby smaller countries pumped out low-cost products. Consumers in the west bought whole bunches of the low-cost products and then sent them back to Asia to recycle. It was efficient, if not particularly equitable, or sustainable. Meanwhile, software vendors in … Read more

Varjo streams VR from AWS

The idea of virtual presence in a mission-critical design review or development process sounds like science fiction. It was. It was until Helsinki-based Varjo brought cloud streaming to its Reality Cloud platform and moved the company toward its vision of real-life collaboration into the metaverse. “Being able to achieve the same quality experience through Varjo Reality Cloud with less powerful … Read more

EVGA brings the insides out with new the E1 platform

When EVGA was founded in 1999 it was the first to introduce heat pipe cooling and iCX Technology along with 4-Way SLI. In 2012, EVGA introduced its first Power Supply. Through quality and features, EVGA has become a top choice for Power Supplies when gamers are building their systems. EVGA continues the tradition of top-tier hardware for gamers. With the launch … Read more

Khronos: Who knows what the future will hold?

“WorkSpace” by Gamma-Ray Productions is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0   From the organization that stabilized the API wars in 2000 and empowered the extraordinary growth of the smartphone market comes a vision of the future. Khronos has grown to over 180 members in one of the most extraordinary non-profit organizations for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, parallel programming, … Read more

AMD backfills workstation lineup with the Radeon Pro W6400 and W6300 Pro graphics boards

AMD is all about the sweet spot, and the company’s latest entries into the workstation market are aimed at a good-sized market: mainstream CAD. As promised in an enigmatic Twitter promo, AMD has rolled out new boards in its Radeon Pro W6000 workstation series targeting CAD designers, engineers, and creatives.  The new products include the new Radeon Pro W6400 graphics … Read more

Nvidia offers ray tracing like software filters for non-RT games

(Source: @Atrix256)   In their January 2022 driver update, Nvidia added an option to allow end-users to add ray tracing-like quality to their games through the Nvidia game filters option and Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI). SSRTGI, screen-space ambient occlusion, and dynamic depth of field filters allow users to make games look more cinematic and photorealistic. Nvidia used … Read more

Shaper updates round out modeling front end

Shapr3D as added new features for documentation, lofting, text, and Windows support. (Source: Shapr3D)   Shapr3D, an ambitious company based in Budapest, Hungary, and founded in 2015 by István Csanády. The company and its 3D modeling tool have ground rapidly, relentlessly adding on features to enable their product to compete head-to-head with the established leaders who have been rapidly iterating … Read more