Varjo streams VR from AWS

The idea of virtual presence in a mission-critical design review or development process sounds like science fiction. It was. It was until Helsinki-based Varjo brought cloud streaming to its Reality Cloud platform and moved the company toward its vision of real-life collaboration into the metaverse. “Being able to achieve the same quality experience through Varjo Reality Cloud with less powerful … Read more

The gaming market is huge and takes no prisoners

As the headlines and some investors' money slowly fades, and the echoes of share price surge from the GameStop revolt bubble continue to reverberate, the PC gaming market is worth about $35 billion and growing at about 5%, while the mobile gaming market has lower ASPs, but orders of magnitude more players and is projected to grow 20% and reach $120 billion by the … Read more

The new semiconductor boom:  AI

A scattershot view of the latest news on the front Looks like the first quarter of 2018 is shaping up to be big for the future of AI. Companies in the segment including cloud companies, IP companies, and the traditional semiconductor companies all have major ambitions for the huge explosive market that AI is becoming. A battle is forming around … Read more