The gaming market is huge and takes no prisoners

As the headlines and some investors' money slowly fades, and the echoes of share price surge from the GameStop revolt bubble continue to reverberate, the PC gaming market is worth about $35 billion and growing at about 5%, while the mobile gaming market has lower ASPs, but orders of magnitude more players and is projected to grow 20% and reach $120 billion by the … Read more

Famous graphics chips: Nintendo 64

Silicon Graphics had been a leader and highly respected workstation developer that rose to fame and fortune based on its introduction of a VLSI geometry processor in 1981. In the ensuing years, it developed leading graphics technologies at the high end. A high-end super high-performance workstation could cost over $100,000. Therefore, the idea of adapting such state of the art … Read more

The boxes of X

  If you wanted to play Halo, or maybe Gears of War 5, which are non-PC games, you’d need a Microsoft Xbox game console and a TV or a PC monitor. You’d also need some patience and maybe a magic decoder ring because Microsoft has made buying an Xbox about as confusing as they can. How, why? By offering so … Read more

Microsoft builds out its game dev talent

Microsoft is aggressively increasing its in house game development work and is adding five new game development teams through acquisition and is also founding a new development studio called the Initiative, which will be based in Santa Monica and led by Darrell Gallagher. Gallagher told Dean Takahashi in a VentureBeat interview just about nothing other than that his job is to … Read more