Game over for Google’s streaming game service Stadia

Google abruptly shuts down Stadia. (Source: Google)   Google is shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service that it launched in 2019. The service will remain live for players until January 18, 2023. Google said it will refund all Stadia hardware, software, and add-on content purchased from the Stadia store and Google Store. The company expects those refunds will be … Read more

The era of ‘who cares’ computing

Microsoft’s Game Pass, a big play in the young game subscription market. (Source: Microsoft) What happens when people start to find out that you can do the same work on a lower-cost hardware platform as you do on a more expensive platform? If you are an Apple phone user, you’ll probably go for whatever puts you in hock, but almost … Read more

KFC is a PC, not a console

Just in time for the holidays—because that’s when this bubbled up, the KFConsole has arrived via the Coolermaster site. No, you didn’t know you needed a gaming machine to warm your chicken while you play, but now that it’s here… The word on the internet is that the KFConsole “is real.” As in a real promotion cooked up by KFC and … Read more

AMD shipped a lot of GPUs

When AMD scored a double hit by winning the Xbox and the PlayStation console projects the number of GPUs the company shipped from 2013 on took a jump. As their APU sales increased (partially due to the console wins) their overall sales increased even more. Likewise, as AMD introduced the Zen CPU, associated GPU sales also increased. The net result … Read more

GeForce Now, is now

Nvidia has officially launched its play anywhere game service with the familiar-sounding name, GeForce Now. The “new” service has been evolving since 2013 when the company introduced Nvidia Grid in 2013 and developed its Shield remote gaming approach. All that technology has been collapsed into GeForce Now, with cloud services provided by Nvidia and partners. GeForce Now represents an alternative approach to other cloud … Read more