HP Z2 G9 tower and mini WS

HP did a refresh of their popular Z workstation line and introduced gen 12 based Z2s in a flat charcoal black finish. The Z2 Tower is the top of the line and come with a choice of i5, i7, or i9 gen 12 Intel processors, and up to 128 GB of ECC SDDR5 RAM. They can also be equipped with … Read more

The birth of the personal computer: everything you know is wrong

This could be an entertaining or totally aggravating, lawyer invoking party game—ask when the personal computer was invented. Someone did—ask that is. There’s a charming site located in Seattle called Blinkenlights Archeological Institute. It was established in 1997 to excavate, preserve, research, and present interesting and historically significant computing devices. The website, http://www. blinkenlights.com/pc.shtml, lists seven qualifications of what constitutes … Read more

A mini platform from Intel: the NUC

From a strategic standpoint, Intel is intentionally not in the business of making money from selling systems. And for good reason, as doing so — at least on any kind of consistent basis —would alienate its OEM customers, whose existence does depend on making money from selling systems. However, to help seed demand, especially for novel products, Intel will create … Read more

The end of seasonality

  The world as we know it is over. Dead, done, gone. We no longer have anything to count on, or a method with which to count.  This is what the world used to look like. The direction has been a little depressing but the patterns have been set, we know what’s in store, year after year. Except for this … Read more