HP Z2 G9 tower and mini WS

HP did a refresh of their popular Z workstation line and introduced gen 12 based Z2s in a flat charcoal black finish. The Z2 Tower is the top of the line and come with a choice of i5, i7, or i9 gen 12 Intel processors, and up to 128 GB of ECC SDDR5 RAM. They can also be equipped with … Read more

The birth of the personal computer: everything you know is wrong

This could be an entertaining or totally aggravating, lawyer invoking party game—ask when the personal computer was invented. Someone did—ask that is. There’s a charming site located in Seattle called Blinkenlights Archeological Institute. It was established in 1997 to excavate, preserve, research, and present interesting and historically significant computing devices. The website, http://www. blinkenlights.com/pc.shtml, lists seven qualifications of what constitutes … Read more