More, faster memory from Samsung

640K should be enough for anybody—said Bill Gates, apparently never.  I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time. I did not say that in 1981 when the PC came out. I didn’t. I didn’t. I didn’t! (Source: … Read more

Samsung asks, how smart is your memory?

(Source: Samsung)   Samsung used the 2021 Hot Chips conference, thirty-third in the series, to further reveal and promote a novel alteration of how high-speed memory could be built with AI technology. Samsung’s revelations included the successful integration of its processing-in-memory (PIM)-enabled High Bandwidth Memory (HBM-PIM) into a commercialized accelerator system. That, said Samsung, would broaden PIM to include DRAM … Read more

Adobe will be more compelling for professionals with the acquisition of

Adobe agrees to acquire   Adobe is adding some real power to its video product line with the acquisition of, a cloud-based video company with over a million users. Like Adobe, has a subscription-based business. Its “cloud-first” workflow promises responsiveness and data management features. It has also been offering integration with widely used video tools including Adobe’s … Read more

Remember the memory crunch of 1988?

Back when the PC was just a toddler, memory prices dropped after spiking. “About 1985, the personal computer market was tremendously overextended,” Texas Instruments spokesman Stan Victor told the Chicago Tribune. “There were a lot of manufacturers, all fighting for the same 10-percent share of the market. Then, demand for computers started slowing, and the computer manufacturers found themselves with … Read more

Micron supercharges GDDR

In computer graphics too much is never enough and in the case of memory speed, that is even more true. Micron just broke the speed limit and took GDDR6 from 768 GB/s up to 1 TB/s with their new GDDR6X

Micron reveals its strategy for growth in the memory and storage markets

Micron Technology, in its 40th year and flush with new revenues from the huge amounts of memory being used by data centers, AI, gaming, visualization, etc., announced at the new event, Insight ’18, its future plans that include support for AI startups and developers. Micron staked out its position as being at the front of several technology transitions and highlighted … Read more