AMD shipped a lot of GPUs

With multiple channels and platforms, a lot of Radeons are out there

Jon Peddie

In 2013, AMD scored a double hit by winning the Xbox and the PlayStation console projects and as a result, the number of GPUs the company shipped took a jump and stayed up there. As AMD's APU sales increased (partially due to the console wins) their overall sales increased even more. Likewise, as AMD introduced the Zen CPU, associated GPU sales also increased. The net result is that since 2013 AMD has shipped over a half-billion GPUs either integrated or discrete.

When compared to Intel (integrated only) or Nvidia (discrete only) both companies beat AMD in their respective classes, but overall AMD beats them both. Fun with numbers.

Total AMD GPU shipments from 2013


The cumulative distribution of GPUs by platform is shown in the following chart.

AMD cumulative GPUs by platform


Next year AMD will be able to add Samsung smartphones to its list of platforms, and those numbers are going to be huge.

The one thing that differentiates AMD from its competitors is its incredible diversity of platforms and processors. AMD punches above its weight and as a result, this gives AMD extraordinary insight into a diverse set of customer needs, which the company cleverly uses in its cross-platform implementations.