Meta partners with Qualcomm in a multi-generational VR agreement

The Meta Quest 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s chipsets. The partnership between the two companies is going to continue for the next few Meta product generations. (Source: Qualcomm) Meta and Qualcomm have just announced a multi-year agreement to collaborate on virtual reality (VR) technologies for the next generations of Meta’s products. The two companies have a long history of working … Read more

Qualcomm handheld game machine—Snapdragon G

Qualcomm’s handheld, game console, reference design. (Source: Jon Peddie)   In December 2021, Qualcomm announced a handheld game console reference design. Qualcomm has had a long and effective history of developing reference designs to illustrate how their SoCs could be successfully employed. Often, some OEMs would use the entire design either because they had limited design resources, time, or because … Read more

Qualcomm takes on the ARM CPU challenge

When Qualcomm introduced its PC clone that could run Windows and apps, people got curious. Was it just a Chromebook competitor or was there something new going on? Intel tried it with PDAs back in 1999 with StrongARM, but Microsoft didn’t get it then and made a half-hearted offering of a stripped-down OS, not the real Windows, and people weren’t … Read more

Qualcomm and others exploit Wi-Fi gaming

  Qualcomm, Microsoft, Valve and some OEMs think it’s time to redefine wireless expectations for latency-sensitive gaming, productivity, and learning applications on Windows 11 PCs. They are going to do that with Qualcomm’s chip-based FastConnect systems, which enable Wi-Fi Dual Station. Wi-Fi Dual Station using Qualcomm 4-Stream Dual Band Simultaneous is a Windows 11 feature that allows multiple Wi-Fi bands … Read more

HP makes working at home comfortable

According to some back-of-the-envelope calculations and other data, we estimate the average cost for a tech worker’s space and support facilities in an office is about $15,500 a year.¹ If you could have your employees and contractors work at home, and all you had to do was outfit them with a new computer every three or four years for $500 a … Read more