AMD’s Q4 2021 results

AMD reported record quarterly revenue of $4.8 billion up 49% year-over-year and record full-year revenue of $16.4 billion up 68%. Gross margin expanded and operating income more than doubled from the prior year. “2021 was an outstanding year for AMD with record annual revenue and profitability,” said AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su. “Each of our businesses performed extremely … Read more

Google rolls out new cloud services using AMD’s server CPUs

During their first-quarter financial results announcement, AMD announced astounding results overall, and a big leap for the AMD EESC segment. Out of $3.45 billion total revenue, the company reported $1.35 billion in revenue for the company’s EESC (Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom) segment and says it represents a 286% growth year over year. Pretty impressive no? The company says much of … Read more

AMD Q1 2021 results

AMD announced revenue for the first quarter of 2021 of $3.45 billion, operating income of $662 million, net income of $555 million. “Our business continued to accelerate in the first quarter driven by the best product portfolio in our history, strong execution and robust market demand,” said Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO. “We had outstanding year-over-year revenue growth … Read more

AMD’s Zen 3, the sound of 64 cores clapping

AMD has generously and broadly used the designation Zen to describe various CPUs in their product line. The company’s latest offering in their server derby race is its 7nm Milan, the successor to the Rome processor. AMD says its Zen 3 architecture is 19% faster than Zen 2. Via a very slick virtual presentation, AMD executives showed the new AMD … Read more

AMD Q4 2020 results

AMD announced its Q4’20 revenue hit $3.24 billion, with an operating income of $570 million, and a net income of $1.78 billion. For the year 2020, the company reported revenue of $9.76 billion, operating income of $1.37 billion, and net income of $2.49 billion. “We significantly accelerated our business in 2020, delivering record annual revenue while expanding gross margin and … Read more

Holy cow

Qualcomm changes CEOs and buys CPU company Nuvia, Intel rehires Pat Gelsinger, Jim Keller takes over Canadian AI company, AMD announces Ryzen 5000 and the majority of gaming notebooks, Nvidia brings ray tracing to the masses with RTX3600, Dell and HP introduce massive monitors as well as 15- and 17-inch notebooks. Qualcomm and Nvidia announce they are the partner of … Read more

Nvidia’s massive Ampere GPU

Nvidia has been pushing the envelope on graphics chips since it integrated the geometry processor and pixel shader into one chip and called it a GPU, 21 years ago. The potential for GPUs then vastly expanded in 2003 when a branch of development spiked out of GPU applications that took advantage of the GPUs parallel processing for pure computation using … Read more

AMD has its head in the clouds—the Azure cloud

Today’s digital workforce relies on applications that use GPU acceleration at their core. From the most powerful 3D design tools, to common office productivity tools, and even web browsing, everyday applications are designed to require graphics acceleration support. That includes virtual machines, which without GPU acceleration will often struggle with some of the most common desktop tasks. Answering that need, … Read more

AMD Q4 2019 results: revenues, margins

AMD turned 50 in May 2019   Despite a great quarter, AMD’s stock was down about 2.6% after the company reported its Q4’19 which beats Wall Street estimates. The problem was the company’s guidance for Q1’20 was slightly below what Wall Street anticipated. The company announced revenue for Q4’19 of $2.13 billion, operating income of $348 million, net income of … Read more