Lenovo’s ThinkStation P620 is the first Threadripper PRO workstation

Photo courtesy Robert Bye   Lenovo’s launch of the ThinkStation P620 marks the beginning of a new generation of workstations. It’s the first workstation to be based on AMD’s brand new Ryzen Threadripper PRO processor single-socket CPU platform. Thanks to an agreement between AMD and Lenovo, the Lenovo has a limited-time exclusive on the new processor.  Lenovo says they are offering … Read more

AMD charging into the fast lane with new CPUs

In this week’s stories, you can find Boxx Technologies bragging about using AMD’s Threadripper in Boxx’s new Apex workstation. And as happy as that makes AMD, it’s almost deliriously giddy about its 15 W, 2.1 to 4.2 GHz Ryzen 4000 mobile processors that can run some serious games. And, the company has design wins to brag about too. Consumers will … Read more

AMD brings Threadripper and new Vega boards to IBC for rendering, VFX, and video

At IBC, digitalization is a done deal and 4K becoming the norm; 8K is coming in with new screens, cameras, transmission systems, CODECS, and lenses all built to satisfy increasing demand. UHD is at home in living rooms around the world and the discussion now is around HDR. All of that adds of the heavy workloads for workstations and servers, … Read more

Summing up the summer

This collection of stories doesn’t come close to saying all we have to say about Siggraph, not by a long shot. But honestly, we had to put something on the cover, and a picture of the Vancouver convention center is as good as anything. VR, AR, MR etc. continue to pull too much attention away from some of the real … Read more