Mediaworkstations’ a-X2P Portable Dual Epyc Workstation PC

Powerful things do come in (relatively) small packages.

Karen Moltenbrey

Mediaworkstations has updated its a-X2P portable workstation PC, tricking it out with up to six 24-inch screens, two 96-core Genoa CPUs, and much more. Calling it portable, though, depends on how fit the user is, as it has a top weight of 55 pounds. With the updated Mediaworkstations a-X2P Portable Dual Epyc Workstation PC, the “portability” is in eye, and strength, of the beholder, as this six-screen machine tips the scale at 45–55 pounds. The workstation is about the size of a standard PC chassis: 16.35×24.6×10.6 inches. However, that is when it is folded up. When in use, with its

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