New expansion moves by game engine duopoly

There is plenty of room to argue how Unity and Unreal compete with each other and the discussion is pretty interesting. Unity grew with the help of independent developers working in mobile and that's a strong part of the company's identity but the company has increased its capabilities to compete head to head with Unreal, which has a financial share of … Read more

Unity sets up to win

Unity went public mid-September 2020 with the ticker symbol “U”. Now, the company has new cash in its pockets and promises to keep. Unity is now on a building streak. The company introduced its shares at $52 and has raised at least $1.3 billion. That’s a promising debut for the game development company that has lags behind its flamboyant competitor Epic … Read more

Is Unity going public?

Game engine company Unity Technologies is flirting with the idea of going public, which could happen with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) this fall. The company has been testing the waters and is reported to be working with Goldman Sachs to lead the offering. Bloomberg wrote about the company’s plans on June 3, and so has Pitchbook. Pitchbook estimates Unity’s … Read more