New expansion moves by game engine duopoly

There is plenty of room to argue how Unity and Unreal compete with each other and the discussion is pretty interesting. Unity grew with the help of independent developers working in mobile and that's a strong part of the company's identity but the company has increased its capabilities to compete head to head with Unreal, which has a financial share of … Read more

Unity sets up to win

Unity went public mid-September 2020 with the ticker symbol “U”. Now, the company has new cash in its pockets and promises to keep. Unity is now on a building streak. The company introduced its shares at $52 and has raised at least $1.3 billion. That’s a promising debut for the game development company that has lags behind its flamboyant competitor Epic … Read more

Is Unity going public?

Game engine company Unity Technologies is flirting with the idea of going public, which could happen with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) this fall. The company has been testing the waters and is reported to be working with Goldman Sachs to lead the offering. Bloomberg wrote about the company’s plans on June 3, and so has Pitchbook. Pitchbook estimates Unity’s … Read more

Any 3D application available anywhere, anytime, on any device—through Unity

  OnLive is often credited with being the first commercial service, in 2010 to offer streaming gaming, or what is called Cloud-gaming by some. But in 2000, Finnish cloud gaming provider G-cluster demonstrated cloud gaming technology at E3. In 2004, SoftBank bought the company. A year later, Crytek began the research on a cloud gaming system or Crysis, but halted … Read more

Game engines power content creation

There was a time when game engines were built specifically for certain games and many companies believed the quality of their game engines defined the quality of their technologies. As the game industry has matured with thousands and thousands of games developed and played, and franchises established, the three leading commercial game engines, Unreal, Unity, and Crytek have become tested … Read more

The Foundry rolls out Modo 13

The Foundry is rolling out a major update to its Modo software, three installments to complete the Modo 13 Series. The first installment is out and offers significant updates to rendering, animation, and added modeling tools. Foundry’s senior product manager Shane Griffith says this version is the result of a renewed focus on the product’s strengths for its users. This … Read more