PTC’s new Onshape–Arena Connection will link product teams through the cloud

Connecting Onshape and Arena means more collaboration and less catch-up. (Source: PTC) PTC recently announced the Onshape–Arena Connection, connecting their two products using the cloud. This new feature will streamline the process of making new products, and everybody who needs it will have immediate access to new information. This change will reduce costs of human error and scheduling impacts at … Read more

PTC’s third quarter beats expectations

There were no real surprises in PTC’s third-quarter announcement and no balls were knocked out of no parks but the company demonstrates the value of fast reflexes and strategic moves as well as the established position of its Core products in the market. PTC president and CEO James Heppelmann said, “our performance in the third quarter and year to date … Read more

PTC says 2021 is going to be just great

PTC notched a successful 2020, and the first half of its fiscal year 2021 is off the charts, and PTC execs are saying they’re right where they want to be. The company’s performance at the start of the year, underscores the trends analysts are using to predict a very positive 2021 and 2022 post-pandemic.  Taking off: revenues in the company’s … Read more

PTC adds AR and generative design to products in Atlas portfolio

Since its arrival in 2012, Onshape has been revolutionary in its commitment to pure SaaS for design. The company also demonstrated a willingness to innovate on the fly. Recognizing the challenge of bringing a new design tool into a very mature market, Onshape concentrated on getting a usable base product out into the market right away and rapidly added features. … Read more

PTC’s financial report for Q1 2021 is a cause for optimism

PTC was one of the busiest companies in the design and engineering segment through 2020, and that’s saying something after a year of shutdown and buildup. CEO Jim Heppelmann said, “Fiscal 2021 is off to a great start” and that’s a pretty good way to describe double-digit growth, strong cash flow, new customers, and new growth in partnerships with Microsoft, … Read more

PTC acquires Migenius for the growing Onshape family

The Perrinn Project 424 is an open-source race car project and a collaboration that includes OnShape, Simscale, and Migenius. (Source: Perrinn Project 424)   Migenius, founded in 2010 by Paul Arden, was a pioneer company and one of the first to take advantage of the Mental Images’s cloud-based rendering technology RealityServer, which is based on iRay. Migenius took over packaging … Read more

PTC and Rockwell Automation expand their strategic alliance

PTC and Rockwell Automation signed a strategic alliance in 2018 to jointly sell their products for PLM, SaaS, factory automation, IoT, virtual machinery simulation, and testing software. At that time, the deal was sealed with a $1 billion equity investment in PTC shares and a seat on the board for Rockwell CEO Blake Moret. As a result of the deal, … Read more

PTC’s new normal will embrace remote workflows

The face of the new normal is coming in more clearly. PTC has wrapped up its first all-virtual LiveWorx conference, and we’ve gotten a look into quite a few East Coast homes. We also got updates on PTC’s plans for the future. You won’t be surprised to hear that the cloud is a big part of those plans, but so … Read more

CAD business is stable business

We finished the 2020 CAD report, just in time to be wrong. The report was completed at the end of 2019 just before word of the Coronavirus washed up on our shores. Early enough that I might not have even been able to understand its impact. After all, SARS wasn’t universally bad. Likewise, MERS attacked a region, mostly, but not … Read more