Qualcomm’s ‘XR Enterprise Program’

  At the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) in Dallas this week, Qualcomm announced a new initiative they’re calling the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program. The program brings XR technologies and products based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR platform, together with enterprise solution providers to collaborate, innovate and help drive AR and VR adoption in a range of industries including manufacturing, … Read more

Want a truck—Volvo has one for you

At the PTC LiveWorx19 conference the other week, CEO and visionary Jim Heppelmann showed off Volvo trucks—actually had two of them on stage with him during his keynote. Volvo and PTC have been working together for years. Volvo uses just about every bit of software PTC makes including PTC’s AR stuff—and they need to. Last year, Volvo made 260,000 trucks—that’s … Read more

PTC announces third quarter fiscal year 2018 results

PTC is coming to the culmination of a near-decade-long transition of its technology and its business model. PTC’s Mark Brunelli has written a good history of the company’s transition, which is useful if you’re not familiar with this company’s many transitions over the years. With this financial report, PTC has announced the coming end of perpetual licensing on January 1, … Read more

PTC announces powerful alliances at LiveWorx 2018

 The PTC conference kicked off this year with a show of strength and confidence. The company announced three major alliances this year and they highlight three different areas of focus for the company.     The company is teaming with: Ansys, is known for its simulation technology especially FEA. Ansys has developed technology they call Discovery Live, which enables lightning … Read more

Getting Grounded; Vuforia Introduces Ground Plane Detection

With its release of its latest AR platform last fall, Vuforia announced the addition of object recognition and ground plane detection, along with support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.  Until relatively recently, targets have provided a stable, if not totally satisfactory base for AR objects to stick to (for lack of a better word this minute). They’re not totally … Read more

Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2018

PLM Connection is a worldwide conference series for customers of Siemens PLM Software run by the PLM World user group.  I was at the Americas version in 108F-degree Phoenix, where 2,000 attended; weeks earlier, the event was in Russia (1,000 attendees) and China (5,000). Next year, the conference is changing hands as Siemens takes over, and the user group organization … Read more