‘Inside Covid-19’ brings home the virus’ effect

At Siggraph 2021, filmmakers Gary Yost and Adam Loften showed their piece Inside Covid-19, which tells the story of one man’s battle with Covid-19 as a doctor and as a patient. The documentary follows Emergency Room supervisor Dr. Josiah Child who, early in the pandemic, developed safety protocols for hospitals in Northern California, and who had a very rough ride … Read more

Don’t worry about NAB until October 2021

In an open letter to the community, NAB president and CEO Gordon Smith announced that NAB will be delayed until October 9-13, 2021  in Las Vegas. Smith said that through his research, talking to potential exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, etc., he found a significant number of people were skeptical about the industry’s ability to back up to speed in the first … Read more

What are you doing? Playing games?

According to a recent survey by Rentcafe, people are spending more of their time sheltering at home playing video games during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it was Gen X-ers (41 to 55 years old) who turned to gaming the most.

Pandemic transforms the CAD industry in 2020 and beyond

During first half of 2020, it became obvious to people in every business that expectations for the near future would have to be seriously adjusted. Pandemic will do that. The 2020 CAD Report from Jon Peddie Research was completed at the end of 2019. At that time, that seems so long ago, we were cautious about the prospects for 2020 … Read more

Construction transformed in 2020

Big projects need big solutions: AECOM stays with the plan for its infrastructure projects with the help of established BIM practices at the company. (Source: AECOM)   There probably is no good time for a pandemic, but this particular Coronavirus shutdown hits the construction industry at a particularly bad time. Spring means construction, but for most of the U.S. construction … Read more

Intel Q1 2020 results

Intel's 5.3 GHz 10th Gen Intel Core H-series processor   The impact of the supply chain on downstream vendors has been shocking. Combined with massive layoffs and soaring unemployment, the economic engine of the world is traumatized and forecasting is all but impossible. Intel is not immune to any of that and, as a result, has reported a decrease in … Read more

Q1’20 shipments

The first wave of estimates by Canalys, Gartner, and IDC for Q1’20 PC shipments have been posted, and the average of the estimates is shipments declined almost 26% from Q4’19. That’s the most significant quarter-to-quarter drop since Q4’08 (36%). However, Q2’09 saw the most significant increase in shipments by —40%. So, if an economic shock can create a V effect, … Read more

Upside of the crisis—Chromebooks

Courtesy of Jodi Meyer   Google and its suppliers are beneficiaries of the Coronavirus crisis as schools all over the US buy Chromebooks for low-income families to enable homeschooling. In Marin, California alone,  1,500 Chromebooks were bought.  NYC with a school population of 1.2 million is said to have purchased 30k, and LA is buying 10k.  Aside from RAM and … Read more

What’s your GPU doing when you’re not gaming?

Obsolete data –  this is as of 28 March   Donate computing power to help conquer COVID-19: By downloading Folding@home your system can contribute to researchers running simulations. The calculations are enormous and every contributed compute cycle can help. Each simulation run is like buying a lottery ticket. The more tickets one buys, the better our chances of hitting the … Read more