PTC’s new Onshape–Arena Connection will link product teams through the cloud

Connecting Onshape and Arena means more collaboration and less catch-up. (Source: PTC) PTC recently announced the Onshape–Arena Connection, connecting their two products using the cloud. This new feature will streamline the process of making new products, and everybody who needs it will have immediate access to new information. This change will reduce costs of human error and scheduling impacts at … Read more

PTC adds AR and generative design to products in Atlas portfolio

Since its arrival in 2012, Onshape has been revolutionary in its commitment to pure SaaS for design. The company also demonstrated a willingness to innovate on the fly. Recognizing the challenge of bringing a new design tool into a very mature market, Onshape concentrated on getting a usable base product out into the market right away and rapidly added features. … Read more

PTC sails through its fiscal Q2 ’20 with increased revenues and ARR

PTC reported revenues for the quarter ending March 28, 2020, and were optimistic, if guarded. The company’s revenues for PTC second fiscal quarter of 2020 were up 24% at $360 million compared to $356 million. Income was $7 million. PTC plans to be spending money developing its IoT/AR. PTC saw very little hit from adverse market conditions for its second … Read more

Corel Corporation acquires Parallels

Parallels’ best-known product Parallels Desktop, which enables Windows products to run on the Mac. (Source: Parallels)   Just before Christmas 2018, Corel Corporation had announced plans to acquire Parallels, creating a surprise package for many industry observers. The tech commenting community seems to fall into two categories: those people familiar with Coreland those familiar with Parallel because many of the comments were … Read more