Apple’s footprint

As you’ve heard by now, maybe a hundred times, Apple has a new multi-chip SoC called M1 Ultra. They also have a new workstation, a new set of smartphones, and more stuff in the Apple tube-o’-plenty of consumer products. How did a struggling PC vendor with a small MP3 player get to have such a reach? They did it with … Read more

Apple’s tiny but mighty Mac Studio

Apple’s new Mac Studio, clawed out of a single aluminum extrusion, measures 7.7-inches square and 3.7inches tall—designed to fit nicely under a display. Two fans on top draw air up from the circular vent on the bottom, pass over the PSU and motherboard and exhausted out from the back. It should be relatively quiet, but Apple hasn’t released any decibel … Read more

Apple rolls out the chips—M1 Pro and Max

Apple knows how to make transitions. The company proved it by transitioning away from the PowerPC platform to Apple and now they’re showing the same discipline as they move away from Intel and on to their own Arm-based family of chips. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says the company is a year into a two-year transition that started with the … Read more

Shapr3D continues breakneck pace of innovation

Shapr3D is a capable 3D modeler for engineers, designers, and hobbyists. The company has debuted its news version for the M1 Macs. (Source: Shapr3D)   Shapr3D started out as a mobile-first product for CAD design and, inevitably enough, it is moving up to M1 powered Macs. Winner of the Apple Design Award, Shapr3D has been featured in Apple’s recent keynotes … Read more

CorelDraw gets significant new upgrade including perspective

Corel, a venerable player in vector graphics, has signaled a reset by rolling out the latest version of the software with an introduction by the CEO Christa Quarles who took over the reins at Corel. The company has spiffed up its corporate look quite a bit, which was evident in the presentations given by the company’s executives. Corel really should … Read more

Apple reveals its new Macs and its PC SoC

(Source: Apple)   The heart of Apple’s three new PC, Air, Mac Pro, and Mini is Apple’s new SoC, the M1, announced on the 10th of November 2020. Apple has built SoCs for its smartphones and MP3 players for almost two decades, so this is not a new adventure for the company. The M1 differs from the iPhone’s A13 Bionic … Read more

Unity Reflect for AEC

Unity has been promising the arrival of its Reflect platform for AEC visualization for several months. The game engine company and Autodesk had announced plans to collaborate in a marriage of game engine technology and BIM in 2017. The deal was made manifest in June at the AIA conference in Las Vegas with demonstrations of Unity’s Reflect Plugin. The plugin … Read more

Apple launches their most powerful workstation ever

We the committed—wait. Mill around outside 08:30 to 09:00, seated 09:00, show starts at 10:00, ends 12:30—fours of Applesauce Apple’s slick back cylindrical Mac Pro circa 2013. (Source: Apple)   Dub dub has never been boring or trite, and this year was no exception, except it was exceptional. Everybody and their cat is writing about all the stuff Apple announced … Read more

Corel Corporation acquires Parallels

Parallels’ best-known product Parallels Desktop, which enables Windows products to run on the Mac. (Source: Parallels)   Just before Christmas 2018, Corel Corporation had announced plans to acquire Parallels, creating a surprise package for many industry observers. The tech commenting community seems to fall into two categories: those people familiar with Coreland those familiar with Parallel because many of the comments were … Read more