Apple rolls out the chips—M1 Pro and Max

Apple knows how to make transitions. The company proved it by transitioning away from the PowerPC platform to Apple and now they’re showing the same discipline as they move away from Intel and on to their own Arm-based family of chips. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says the company is a year into a two-year transition that started with the … Read more

HP makes working at home comfortable

According to some back-of-the-envelope calculations and other data, we estimate the average cost for a tech worker’s space and support facilities in an office is about $15,500 a year.¹ If you could have your employees and contractors work at home, and all you had to do was outfit them with a new computer every three or four years for $500 a … Read more

Dell’s upgrades for workstations promise more connection and collaboration

Reflecting a trend in attitudes and awareness, Dell’s latest PC and workstation updates are directed at creative artists with the same enthusiasm that it traditionally had for designers, engineers, and scientists. This is not exactly new. Dell and HP always battled for the high end of creativity—movie makers, VFX, video production, and audio engineers but the tech industry has come … Read more

HP introduces Spring lineup with features for creatives

In honor of the NAB that never was, HP is introducing new products that are designed for creators, which in HP’s view include designers as well as artists. HP distinguishes itself with its full pipeline consisting of 3D printing capability, Hololens devices, and full-color displays. The company is rolling out new mobile devices designed for creatives on the move, even … Read more

Eurocom rolls out a 2.5-kg, 15-inch mobile notebook

Eurocom has introduced its latest laptop, the Eurocom Nightsky RX15, a 15.6-inch system with a Retina-type OLED panel from Samsung.  The company says the Nightsky RX15 was designed for a variety of users ranging from architects, designers of all kinds, graphics, audio, and video professionals, up to gamers who require high-performance, on-the-go computing at under 2.5 kg.  The laptop comes … Read more