Lightmap introduces the Xenon Drop 2 update for HDR Light Studio

The HDR Light Studio interface offers multiple controls for adding, adjusting, and finetuning a variety of lights in a scene. (Source: Lightmap) Rendering is one thing, but lighting can be another. Lightmap, based in Nottingham, England has been helping artists, engineers, and designers fine-tune their lighting since 2009. The company’s product HDR Light Studio works with the leading 3D modeling … Read more

Dassault Systèmes reports third quarter 2020

Dassault’s financial has been able to raise its revenues in a tough time, but only because it bought Medidata, specifically a life sciences company involved in drug testing right before the onset of a global pandemic. Total revenue was up 13%, thanks to that acquisition. Dassault’s total software revenue was up 17%. The services segment for Dassault has been hard … Read more

Autodesk adds on to Fusion 360 with electronics design

Electronics is becoming a check-off capability for companies comparing CAD capabilities. Among cloud CAD competitors, most notably Autodesk and PTC (after its acquisition of OnShape), electronics design is needed to fill out the capabilities of online CAD in comparison to its older, more earth-bound competitors. Onshape added electrical design in 2018. SolidWorks teamed with Altium to offer a collaborative tool … Read more

Dassault wants to be everything to its customers

Dassault introduced the 3DExperience Marketplace in February 2018 as an online resource for products and services. On introduction Dassault said Marketplace offers access to 50 digital manufacturers with 500 machines and 30 million components from 600 suppliers. Giving designers access to on-demand manufacturing and part sourcing. The marketplace is centralized through Dassault which manages the process of billing, payments, currency … Read more