Adobe cuddles up with Blender with new plug-ins for Substance and Mixamo

The wishlist for the Substance development team at Adobe is deep and long, but since its acquisition, they’ve been ticking requests off the list. The latest updates include the long-awaited Blender plug-in for Substance and also a Blender plug-in for Mixamo. At around the same time, Adobe joined the Blender Foundation, and Sébastien Deguy talked about the importance of supporting … Read more

What’s Blender been doing these days?

Blender has been right on the verge of its V3 release and guess what happened. It released 2.93, which has been pretty much according to plan. As the company says Blender 2.93 LTS marks the end of a series “twenty years in the making.” It’s a big release but the developers say it’s solid. Therefore, the Blender 2.93 release is … Read more

Lightmap introduces the Xenon Drop 2 update for HDR Light Studio

The HDR Light Studio interface offers multiple controls for adding, adjusting, and finetuning a variety of lights in a scene. (Source: Lightmap) Rendering is one thing, but lighting can be another. Lightmap, based in Nottingham, England has been helping artists, engineers, and designers fine-tune their lighting since 2009. The company’s product HDR Light Studio works with the leading 3D modeling … Read more

Ton Roosendaal wins the JPR Technology Advancement Award

Ton Roosendaal wins JPR's Technology Advancement Award for 2019 It’s been a big year for the Blender organization for several reasons. First, 2019 is the 25th anniversary of the Blender 3D software application, which Ton Roosendaal began developing in 1993. He had the first version of Blender running on January 2, 1994. Also this year, Ton and Blender were recognized … Read more

AMD updates ProRender at NAB 2019

AMD used its trip to NAB to showcase the latest additions to ProRender new partnerships and plugins. AMD is driving hard with rendering for 2019 including performance boosts. AMD is updating plug-ins for Max, Maya, and Blender. At AMD, the company was also celebrating its integration into the latest version of the Foundry’s Modo, which was introduced in March 2019.   The latest updates … Read more

Blender celebrates its 25th birthday

The path of Blender as a company and an organization has never been straight. As it has gained new supporters and users the Blender’s features have multiplied along with new add-ons. As the Blender community celebrates its 25th anniversary, Blender shows signs of growing up.  As Blender celebrates its 25th anniversary, it’s worth asking: how long does it take to … Read more