The case for desktop workstations

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) recently reported that the overall workstation market volume in Q1’21 grew about 27.7% YoY, a milestone for workstation sales. The strong rebound in workstation shipments was no surprise, as positive signs regarding the pandemic by mid-quarter (in the US and EMEA particularly), along with successful deployment of vaccines (though geographically varying) clearly improved purchasing outlooks among … Read more

RenderMan 24: Pixar’s latest release focuses on look development

Pixar recently released RenderMan version 24. The highlight of this release is a new CPU + GPU hybrid renderer called RenderMan XPU. Pixar says that XPU has been designed for look development and to provide a good match to RenderMan's production pathtracer, RIS. XPU can handle the scale and complexity of Pixar’s feature animation projects. Pixar’s next-gen rendering engine can … Read more

Epic adds universal scene description and ray tracing

(Source: Epic)   Epic has made some major improvements and upgrades to its popular game engine, Unreal. With the release of Unreal Engine 4.25, Epic has expanded the toolset to include content creation and editing for more areas of game and visualization development. Epic says their linear media tools are improved to enable even more immersive and efficient production of … Read more