3D data visualization gets communitive

Earth day 2021. (Source: Nasa Earth)   How do you know if an airplane will fly, a nuclear boom will explode, or what Jupiter is made of? You take a bazillion tons of data (that’s how we measure data in today’s zettascale of data creation) and create a simulation that generates a visualization of it. Weather and climate change forecasting, … Read more

Gensler blox: algorithm-powered, data-driven workflows for design visualization

A global architecture, design, and planning firm, Gensler says it believes in creating a better world through the power of design. Gensler has developed a proprietary set of digital design tools around information metrics and geometry form-finding, which they’re branding as their inFORM ecosystem. The company says that these tools work to boosts its design capabilities. Blox is the first software … Read more

Creating a new market: zSpace grows partnerships in education

zSpace was founded in 2001 and immediately caused a stir as one of the first companies to deliver XR in supremely practical applications relying on 3D visualization. zSpace now offers three models: a laptop, and two AIOs (all-in-ones), all of which come with 3D glasses and a stylus. The secret of zSpace’s technology is the tracking built into the display. … Read more

Data science and visual computing

This book, Data Science and Visual Computing, pulls together the work of experts, academicians commercial, and scientific researchers and developers into one volume. It’s designed to be a reference and it provides guidance on understanding the meaning and impact of visualizing big data as a methodology of managing it.

Bentley and Siemens unveil PlantSight

PlantSight combines the real world and digital information to provide a digital twin for plants. (Source: Bentley Systems/Siemens)   Bentley Systems and Siemens have teamed up to demonstrate the kind of future enabled by cloud-based computing. PlantSight, a digital twin tool for plant management is a cloud-based tool for plant management built on technology from both partners and it provides … Read more

Open Design Alliance Powers Along Beyond DWG

Why not Prague? Cultures come together and sometimes clash in Eastern Europe. The ODA is all about finding common ground. (Source: Ralph Grabowski)   The Open Design Alliance has transformed the CAD universe with the development of standardized formats for content exchange. This year they held their annual conference in Prague and CEO Neil Peterson unveiled his latest plans to … Read more