AI Chaos on the horizon

AI tools and more coming from the company this year.

Karen Moltenbrey

Chaos provided a look behind its development curtain recently, unveiling products it has in the works including new AI-powered tools from the Chaos AI Lab, also new. In the works as well are new tools for furthering sustainability efforts in building design, a new visual storytelling solution, and more.

AI choas
Chaos Cosmos AI material generator. (Source: Chaos)

Big plans are afoot at Chaos, and some include joining the AI revolution. Recently, Chaos provided a peek at its 2024 road map, spelling out plans for new tools and products, including the addition of AI-powered features to a trio of offerings.

During what Chaos termed the first in a series of “Unboxed” events, the company revealed it will roll out three new AI-powered tools during the first half of this year, with the promise that others will follow. How serious is Chaos about AI integration and offerings? Plenty, as it has established a new AI lab to develop these tools and capabilities.

One of the first three Chaos AI tools will be a text-to-PBR materials tool for generating PBR materials whereby a user will verbally describe the materials and then refine them through more instructions. To use this tool, artists will need to have the Chaos Cosmos browser—which provides access to a library of ready-to-use 3D models and materials for use in a project. Once the materials are created, they can be used in any project supporting Cosmos—such as those in Enscape and V-Ray, for instance.

Also getting a boost from natural language prompts will be the e-commerce 3D furniture visualization platform Cylindo. With the upcoming instant lifestyle images tool, users will be able to create product visuals, while using natural language prompts for controlling composition. In addition, Enscape—a real-time rendering and VR plug-in used mostly within the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction—will get an AI upgrade, enabling users to style hand-drawn aesthetics in real time.

More to come

Chaos also revealed a storytelling product that’s under development that will help to streamline 3D assembly and animation projects, the company said. Code-named Project Eclipse, the product will let architects and visualization specialists quickly enhance scenes from Enscape or V-Ray using a noiseless path-tracing renderer. Creators will be able to easily add assets using a smart drag-and-drop toolset, enhance materials using advanced PBR editing, and even include scatter vegetation, according to Chaos. Scenes then can be presented as views, panoramas, and animations.

Coming to Enscape later this year is a new module that provides information in real time about a building‘s energy efficiency during the design phase, updating the information in real time as users make modifications.

Chaos further revealed the following plans:   
  • To fully integrate Chaos Cosmos into Enscape and add support for animated assets.
  • To provide Cylindo customer portals for rendering services.
  • To offer Vantage on Virtual Stage, which will provide an end-to-end solution, from preproduction to postproduction, with a single tool kit.
  • To reactivate V-Ray for Blender development, with release set for later in the year.
  • To enable Enscape to link to the new visual storytelling product and Chaos Cloud.

Chaos also said it is committed to unifying the entire Chaos ecosystem so that any Chaos product can seamlessly work with and take advantage of other Chaos tools.

More information about these tools, including release dates, will be forthcoming.