SPEC updates benchmark for Solidworks

The benchmark measures application performance for workstations running Solidworks 2022. (Source: SPEC) The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) today, September 15, has released the SPECapc for Solidworks 2022 benchmark, an add-in benchmark for performance desktops running Dassault Systèmes’ Solidworks CAD/CAM software. The SPECapc for Solidworks 2022 benchmark comes with 10 models and 53 tests—two new tests from the prior version—covering … Read more

Basemark debuts enhanced mobile device benchmark

Qualcomm led the industry in introducing variable rate shading (VRS) with the Snapdragon 888 last September. Apple filed a patent on VSR in 2019, Samsung has it in their GPU, and Arm’s Immortalis-G715 introduced it in June of this year. With all that development, someone had to test it. Who better than the folks at Basemark? So, Basemark launched its … Read more

Cameras aren’t just for taking snapshots

Cameras are everywhere and in everything. The market and applications have exploded in the last ten years. But a cohesive set of standard APIs has been slow to emerge making compatibility challenging. Hoping to wrestle the multi-tentacled beast under control, Khronos has teamed up with the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and formed a new Khronos Working Group to develop … Read more

3D data visualization gets communitive

Earth day 2021. (Source: Nasa Earth)   How do you know if an airplane will fly, a nuclear boom will explode, or what Jupiter is made of? You take a bazillion tons of data (that’s how we measure data in today’s zettascale of data creation) and create a simulation that generates a visualization of it. Weather and climate change forecasting, … Read more

Khronos compresses texture maps for everyone

Over the years of computer graphics, stretching back to Ed Catmull’s pioneering 1974 paper that introduced the concept of subdivision, wrapping, and unwrapping, the CG industry has been trying to find ways to make texture mapping faster and more efficient because it is such a powerful tool. It led to Jim Blinn’s famous 1978 paper on bump-mapping and other developments. … Read more