Nvidia’s Q1 FY22 results

  Nvidia, the company that makes the most sought-after GPUs, reported an 84% increase in sales last quarter.  The company reported record revenue for the first quarter ended May 2, 2021, of $5.66 billion, up 84 percent from a year earlier and up 13 percent from the previous quarter, with record revenue from the company’s Gaming, Data Center and Professional Visualization … Read more

Smart driving with Trimble’s new best friend—LeddarTech

Trimble and LeddarTech have announced an alliance around LeddarTech’s VayaVision and Trimble’s machine control technology. The companies say they’ll be able to develop an innovative hardware and software portfolio to improve autonomous machine performance and support safety-critical applications. The two companies will focus on multi-sensor systems including LiDAR, cameras, and GNSS, and bring their expertise to bear on improving data … Read more

Big Merc display powered by Nvidia AI

The big new display coming for new Mercedes Benz models is the outward expression of the carmaker’s long alliance with Nvidia. We’ve been telling you that alliances take a long time to bear fruit in the automotive industry. The big responsive display is powered by the Nvidia DRIVE platform. It is taking advantage of eight CPU cores, 24-gigabyte RAM, and 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth are some of the MBUX technical specifications. Let’s not go out tonight honey, let’s stay in and watch in the car.