Latest Nuke update reveals improvements for the entire workflow

Foundry’s UnrealReader node is an illustration of how different applications might work together through common portals. This is happening more and more in production tools as content becomes more in demand and time crunches get worse. (Source: Foundry)   We haven’t talked about Nuke updates in a while, so it’s worth going over them in a little more detail because … Read more

Acer unveils SpatialLabs on ConceptD notebook

Acer has launched its SpatialLabs developer’s program for Unreal Engine developers. It was unveiled on a ConceptD notebook, and combines an eye-tracking stereo camera, a stereoscopic 3D display, and realtime rendering technologies to give creators a new way to interact with their creations. Acer offers SpatialLabs’ suite of optical solutions and display of stereoscopic 3D in real-time and 360 degrees—without … Read more

Cesium opens more doors for Unreal into AEC

The arrival of the Cesium for Unreal plug-in is fairly recent. It was announced last March and became officially available in April 2021, but the ability to work with large geospatial models in the Unreal game engine is a snowball rolling downhill. The alliance between Cesium and Unreal means that the Unreal Engine supports the open format 3D Tiles pioneered by … Read more

Unreal’s MetaHumans are ready to meet you

Epic has revealed the ongoing work it has been doing on digital humans. It released a video to show off the MetaHuman Creator tools for creating and animating digital humans and it looks like almost anyone can create anyone! Of course, that’s the demo, but the MetaHuman toolset does deliver people with all their controls included and ready to be … Read more

Sony Corporation invests $250 million in Epic Games…why? And what’s next?

Last week, Sony shook up the gaming world with the news of its $250 million strategic investment in Epic Games. What’s particularly intriguing is that the investment was made by Sony Corporation, making it clear that the deal includes all the Sony business groups: Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Electronics, Sony Semiconductors, and others. A deal between … Read more

Nvidia releases new Studio Drivers

Accompanying the new computers, which are arriving like spring flowers, are new Nvidia drivers. The Nvidia Notebook Driver program has released version 442.92 of the Nvidia Studio Driver. Nvidia's Studio Drivers are designed with the understanding that creative users tend to use multiple apps as they're doing creating work. It's a very different workflow from the dedicated gamer who shuts … Read more

Graphisoft’s Archicad 23 arrives

Graphisoft has achieved several significant milestones with its release of Archicad 23. The company claims to be the fastest BIM product in the industry. The company has had multi-processor support since 2017. That work has continued and in the ArchiCAD 23 release, the developers have worked in performance to speed startup, access large projects, and navigating through all the information … Read more