Acer unveils SpatialLabs on ConceptD notebook

Acer has launched its SpatialLabs developer’s program for Unreal Engine developers. It was unveiled on a ConceptD notebook, and combines an eye-tracking stereo camera, a stereoscopic 3D display, and realtime rendering technologies to give creators a new way to interact with their creations. Acer offers SpatialLabs’ suite of optical solutions and display of stereoscopic 3D in real-time and 360 degrees—without … Read more

AMD notebook APUs and their dGPUs

  AMD has been making steady gains with its APU line of CPUs and integrated GPUs (iGPUs). We have found 131 SKUs based on APUs Since 2017. That in itself is impressive. What’s additionally interesting is that 28% of them are being offered with a discrete GPU (dGPU) with GDDR memory. Of the notebooks with a dGPU, 61% of them … Read more

Intel launches hybrid notebook processor

Two and half years ago at an Intel Architecture Day event, Intel revealed its 3D packaging interconnect concept it call Foveros. It sounded intriguing then, but Intel didn’t have much more to say about afterwards. Intel said at the time that Foveros would pave the way for devices and systems combining high-performance, high-density and low-power silicon process technologies.  Foveros is … Read more

Whatchamacallits — Tablet, Detach Whatevers

I have an electronic tablet, in fact I have several, ranging from 6-inches to 9-inches, sometimes I use one of them, once in a while. I have a lot of notebooks. On some of them, I can take the keyboard off. I never do that, but I could. Somewhere around this zoo there is a Chromebook. I also have a … Read more