International Future Computing Summit

Dr. Jon Peddie took part in the 2022 International Future Computing Summit. Dr. Peddie led a discussion on Remote Work and Play: Our New Reality With productivity in mind, Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO of Jon Peddie Research, discusses the newfound importance of the remote work and play industry for employers, team leaders, and users. He also highlights how remote work … Read more

2023 Global Semiconductor Industry Strategy Summit

Dr. Jon Peddie will hosted a session “GPU Shipments, Opportunities in AI, Gaming, and Vehicles” at the JW Insights conference in Macau, China. View Dr. Peddie’s presentation on “GPU Shipments, Opportunities in AI, Gaming, and Vehicles” here.

FMX 2023

Dr. Jon Peddie will discuss the topic of remote work and the demand for DCC artists during FMX’s online portion of this year’s hybrid conference.