Graphisoft updates and moves forward

Graphisoft tends to look outward to complement its in-house tools. Its wholehearted support of OpenBIM gives users choices. And over the last three years Graphisoft has opened up those choices with ongoing support for Rhino Grasshopper and by extension Rhino thereby beefing up the modeling options for designers to include NURBS-based modeling. The Archicad 24 introduction brought users the ability … Read more

WWDC 21: Apple announces Object Capture API for creating AR experiences

At WWDC 21, Apple previewed its new Monterey version of MacOS macOS 12. On the AR front, Apple has added new APIs to RealityKit 2, the latest version of Apple’s rendering, animation, audio, and physics engine for AR. Apple says developers can create more realistic and complex AR experiences with greater visual, audio, and animation control, including custom, render passes … Read more

Vectorworks 2020 opens up connections to data

It’s the season for new CAD releases and given that it’s also 2020, every release is feeling momentous in its own special way. Vectorworks has found strong points of differentiation for its tools and this release makes the most of them.  Data visualization enables teams to communicate and understand design, its attributes, and the effects of changes. (Source: Vectorworks)   … Read more

Nvidia mines AI and machine learning for opportunities

You may have been noticing some pretty cool videos out there demonstrating fast rendering, image reconstruction, facial recognition, and so much more. A great benefit of relatively recent breakthroughs of machine learning is that the rate of advances is accelerating. Machines are becoming able to take advantage of what they already know and get smarter. This was a focus at … Read more

FutureWrite Conference: New Input

New announcements, technologies, and alliances announced at FutureWrite conference for digital ink technologies are a portal to the future of human centric computing. There are a lot of people who think you should be going back to the pen for note taking. At the recent FutureWrite conference held in Santa Clara several speakers spoke up about the advantages of handwriting … Read more