Holy cow: the news explosion from CES

CES came and we all stayed at home. That’s maybe just as well. We know several people who think they may have gotten Covid-19 at last year’s event. They had caught what they at first thought was a really bad case of the CES Flu. As always, reporting on CES is really a months-long process as the entire universe for consumer electronics resets itself for a new year. And this, friends, is a big new year.

Sony’s big TVs

The number of “firsts” Sony has chalked up for TVs is too long to list. An important brand for over 50 years, Sony promises to amaze their customers, especially during CES time. For this virtual CES they rolled out the big boys. Not the biggest TV you’ve ever seen, but too big for your living room unless you’re Jeff Bezos. … Read more

Acer gaming monitors are fast

Acer unveiled some new products in its Predator and Nitro portfolios with three gaming monitors. Additionally, the company said it is the first to deliver TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe-certified gaming monitors that emit less high-energy blue light than industry-standard monitors. The Predator XB273U NX 27-inch monitor has a WQHD (2560 x 1440) panel with a 275 Hz refresh rate (overclocked) and … Read more

Intel announces discrete GPU DG1 at CES

Intel seldom disappoints at CES, and this year they clearly had more to tell than the time allotted to do it. From autonomous cars, supercomputers to micro IoT thingies. Vice President Gregory Bryant showed the tiny but powerful 10 nm, Tiger Lake processor based on the Willow Cove architecture and said it is in full production. Gregory Bryant holding a … Read more

CES 2019, random news

CES this year was notable for a few reasons. Great big giant TVs have fallen off the radar of the general interest tech pubs to be replaced by gadgets and bread-baking boxes. It seems TV have reached their largest practical size for home use. Practically speaking, there is a ratio for the optimum distance from screen to couch that I … Read more

Nvidia highlights ray-tracing at CES

Jensen Huang's press conference presentations are always predictable yet surprising. Predictable because you know he’s going to be wearing one of his 270 black leather jackets (and rumors that he sleeps in them is not completely true—only on airplanes), and predictable because he’s going to be excited about what he has to say.  Surprising because you never really know what the … Read more