Siemens kicks off its future with XaaS

Xcelerator heads to the clouds. (Source: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company)   Big news on the big industry front: Xcelerator from Siemens Industry Solutions is going to the cloud. Why? Because it makes a really great acronym: XaaS. And, more to the point, the cloud has always been Xcelerator’s logical destiny. Siemens says: “Xcelerator is an integrated portfolio of engineering software, … Read more

Siemens acquires Nextflow Software to build-out CFD in Simcenter portfolio

Nextflow Software, headquartered in Nantes, France, was founded in 2015 as a spinout from HydrOcean when that organization was acquired by Bureau Veritas (BV) to form their Marine & Offshore Solutions Group. The technology was originally developed at the Ecole Centrale Nantes (ECN) and the Bureau Veritas group continues to support research at ECN. Siemens notes that ECN and the … Read more

Siemens Realize Live 2021

Siemens’ annual conference, Realize Live, served this year to enable Siemens Industrial Executives to communicate with users on a broad range of fronts.  Siemens Industry Solutions CEO Tony Hemmelgarn talked about Siemens's role in an industrial world that’s about systems, not applications. Today, systems are fed by digitization, which may have been accelerated by the pandemic, but Hemmelgarn says most … Read more

Pushing processors to the limit: Siemens NX incorporates new design paradigms

Siemens has achieved some milestones with their latest release of NX. The company has gone to a continuous release in which changes are rolled out regularly. The company expects a cadence of every 6 months or so. The company is taking more advantage of AI/ML with every release and says it has further defined its interpretation of the model-based definition. … Read more

Siemens teams with VSI Labs to develop validation and testing

VSI Labs Capability Demonstrator (Source: VSI)   Siemens has signed an important deal for its PAVE360 development platform for automotive design. PAVE360 is a system of systems, in the same way, that a car is a system of systems and through Siemens’ Mentor Group, Siemens has simulation tools for the validation and testing of processors, electronics, sensors, and systems. It … Read more

Siemens PLM becomes Siemens Digital Industries

Siemens PLM, the design and engineering group within the giant Siemens Corporation, announced at its annual analyst and press event that it is changing its name to Siemens Digital Industries. It’s not the catchiest of names, but Digital Industries is more descriptive of all the work Siemens is doing in the field of design, engineering, and production. The group was … Read more

Siemens’ PAVE360 puts auto makers in the driver’s seat

Siemens PLM has added another piece in the very complex digital twin puzzle for automotive, SoC design.   Dave Fritz, Siemens Global Technology Manager for Autonomous and ADAS, describes PAVE360 as a platform, a collection of many different tools to help companies designing systems for the automotive industry get a clear path to building their own silicon. Citing Tesla as an … Read more

Siemens acquires longtime visualization partner Lightwork Design

Siemens has announced the acquisition of Lightwork Design of Sheffield, England. Lightwork began life as an OEM provider of rendering software to many CAD companies including Autodesk, PTC, Siemens, and Dassault at one time or another. The company did not make products that sold directly to customers. Lightwork Design supplied rendering technology to Siemens for over twenty years. The company … Read more

Local Motors’ rejiggers the model; Launch Forth community gets Solid Edge

The Local Motors concept has borne fruit with several vehicles and a very active community of inventors, and designers. The founding idea of Local Motors when it started in 2007 was to break the mold of the automotive industry, which relies on long design cycles, standardized models for mass manufacture. The idea was to bring production closer to the customer, … Read more

Siemens PLM focuses on additive manufacturing

Now that the technology industry has survived the great 3D printing hype cycle, the real changes coming from additive manufacturing are coming into focus. The major CAD manufacturers are all en-thusiastic about the potential and most have made changes to their software to accommodate 3D printing, but Siemens PLM has signaled its intention to make AM a major business in … Read more