Graphisoft Building Together 2021 is a week away

The AEC industry has become more resilient, flexible, and dynamic over the past five years than seemed possible in the decade before. The pandemic has had a lot to do with it, but even before, the digitalization of processes has transformed processes. The changes have been especially profound in construction. Every major company selling software tools for the AEC industry … Read more

Graphisoft chooses the Duke Ellington School of Arts as its showcases building for Archicad 25

Showcase design Graphisoft has chosen the Duke Ellington School of Arts redesign by cos graae+spack and Lance Bailey & Associates to showcase the power of Archicad 25. Graphisoft CEO Huw Roberts notes that the choice of this building is fitting for the new world we’re encountering after 2020. It is an addition and revamp of the school’s original building, a … Read more

Maxon is adding on technology and talent with the acquisition of Red Giant

Right in the middle of wrapping presents, agonizing over what to feed people, and wishing work would just shut up for a minute, Maxon and Red Giant announced plans to “combine forces,” in a deal worth more than $70 million. Maxon’s announcement follows on the acquisition of the Redshift and reaffirms the group’s commitment to strengthening Maxon’s technology with outside … Read more

Graphisoft’s plan to be #1

Graphisoft is the Hungarian software company that began in 1984 when Gábor Bojár thought of designing buildings virtually in 3D. As a result, ArchiCAD became the earliest version of BIM (building information modeling) software. In fact, it was so 3D oriented that generating 2D plans was an afterthought. This year, Graphisoft will release ArchiCAD 23.  Graphisoft is still headquartered in … Read more