Nemetschek sees a bright future ahead

Nemetschek closed out its fiscal year at the end of March, meeting its targets after raising them before the year’s end, and predicts at least high single-digit growth with EBITA margin between 27% and 29%. Nemetschek reported revenues of EUR 596.9 million for 2020, a 7% increase over the year before. It’s modest, but Nemetschek’s parts are often much stronger … Read more

Graphisoft releases ArchiCAD 24 and a big new attitude

We’re all virtual now. Graphisoft convened a meeting of our virtual selves for their annual worldwide meeting. This year the theme was Building Together as CEO Huw Roberts and his team unveiled a new version of Archicad. More important for parent company Nemetschek, the virtual conference also showcased new levels of interoperability with Nemetschek’s RISA and SCIA for an integrated … Read more

Vectorworks looks ahead

(Source: Vectorworks)   One of the side benefits of the Coronavirus lockdown is that we now get an inside look at people’s offices. Biplab Sarkar, the CEO of Vectorworks, presented his keynote for the Vectorworks Design Summit, from his home office and we were able to chat with him later about the company. The conference was originally planned for April … Read more

Maxon has a new plan, actually several of them

The new release of Cinema 4D for subscribers has an updated viewport with new visualization features including colored glass reflections as shown, realistic representations for hair and fur, and improvements to shadows.    Maxon was planning for a bang-up NAB 2020, but it all went up in a cloud of Coronavirus.  It’s too bad because Maxon was coming to the … Read more

Graphisoft’s plan to be #1

Graphisoft is the Hungarian software company that began in 1984 when Gábor Bojár thought of designing buildings virtually in 3D. As a result, ArchiCAD became the earliest version of BIM (building information modeling) software. In fact, it was so 3D oriented that generating 2D plans was an afterthought. This year, Graphisoft will release ArchiCAD 23.  Graphisoft is still headquartered in … Read more

Graphisoft has a new CEO

Graphisoft, an early innovator in BIM and one of the key companies in the Nemetschek collection of companies for design, construction, and project management has announced the appointment of Huw Roberts as CEO.  Graphisoft’s former CEO Viktor Várkonyi is moving to a new job within the Nemetschek Group’s planning and design division, which includes Graphisoft. Várkonyi, who has been with … Read more