Global streaming delivers variety, enriched global production

Source: “Dr. Who and the Daleks,” BBC   “We're all made of them! These charges will then be transferred in time and space and reassembled in their proper order and their proper place.” – Dr. Who, “Dr. Who and the Daleks,” BBC, 1965   Nothing is more enjoyable than watching something new—especially when it’s linked with the past. On the … Read more

Real men have transcoders, ask Google

 Left H.264, right VPG—YouTube   ASICS beat GP chips which beat software—it’s the law. When it comes to fixed-function operations like transcoding that’s especially true. The first transcoding work was done in software on the CPU. It was pretty good and easy to see it would scale with CPU clock rate. Transcoding is a highly redundant operation and so it … Read more

Nvidia’s GeForce Now increases subscribers

In 2020, Nvidia “onboarded” and released an average of 10 games a week. With a new express onboarding pipeline, Nvidia said their goal is to increase that by about half by the year's end. The company has also added support for additional digital game stores.  Jabberwocky update Onboarded or onboarding —  to go through procedures to effectively integrate (a new … Read more