Intel’s Arctic Sound-M Flex Series AIBs

With the explosive growth in cloud compute workload and complexity, new segments are bringing unique workloads that require processing pixels, inference, analytics, rendering, and sending those pixels back to the client device to be viewed or for further analysis. These tasks are currently being done by separate discrete products in the cloud, and Intel hopes to integrate them in one … Read more

The GPU population continues to expand

The GPU market has expanded with the announcement that Innosilicon, a cryptocurrency ASIC builder, have applied their talents to building a GPU using Imagination Technologies’ BXT 32-1024 MC4 RTL IP. The company was founded in 2006 in Zhuhai, China, a modern city in China’s southern Guangdong province, on the border with Macau, with R&D in Shanghai and Wuhan. The company … Read more

New coin rush?

When AMD and Nvidia introduced their new AIBs in Q4 2020, they sold out immediately. No one anticipated the demand and attributed it to bots. Gamers complained that once again, they got left out. The suspicion was crypto-miners were the cause of the shortage. We think there is some truth, and proof in that suspicion. The waves of Cryptocurrency mining … Read more