Kopin claims breakthrough in duo-stack OLED microdisplays

Kopin has been a leading developer of micro OLED for some time and recently announced its latest implementation of its Lightning 2.6K × 2.6K OLED display has achieved breakthrough color fidelity: > 115% sRGB. This fidelity number is believed to be the world's highest achieved on duo-stack OLED microdisplays and equal to that on the best single-stack OLED microdisplays, says … Read more

Samsung leads with new TV technology at CES

Samsung’s advertising for The Wall suggests the giant screens are much more than TVs, which makes sense in what may be the start of a post-TV era. (Source: Samsung)   This year's biggest TV screens at CES this year, and last, was Samsung's The Wall. The largest, so far, is a 210-inch MicroLED TV, a vision of excess, which Samsung suggests might … Read more

CES 2019, random news

CES this year was notable for a few reasons. Great big giant TVs have fallen off the radar of the general interest tech pubs to be replaced by gadgets and bread-baking boxes. It seems TV have reached their largest practical size for home use. Practically speaking, there is a ratio for the optimum distance from screen to couch that I … Read more

Samsung’s coolest TV

Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs blend into the background when idle Since the TV is often the focal point of the living room, when it's off that blank black rectangle wastes a lot of space. To put it to better use, Samsung has introduced what it calls Ambient Mode, a low-power setting that lets the idle screen display news, weather, or … Read more

LG and Portrait demonstrate calibration tool for HDR

Like a good audio system, an HDR monitor needs tuning. LG OLED UHD TVs will have automatic calibration capability with Portrait Displays' CalMAN software.  At CES, LG gave private showings to demonstrate a new capability they will be offering with their UHD displays—a photometer calibration system. If you’ve bought a medium to high-end AV system you know they come with … Read more